Date of the last rating?

Discussion in ' Site Help' started by ghiga, Apr 12, 2006.

  1. Sorry if I repeat this question, but maybe I posted it in an uncorrect
    section. It is remained without answer from the administrators.

    "When I go to see one of my folders, and active the option "DETAILS"
    it appears under the photos the informations about them. But it could
    be interesting and useful to have the indication of the DATE of the
    LAST rating received. I have many shots, and I can't remember the
    number of ratings of every of them. And if I don't have comments, but
    only ratings, I don't know if I had new visitors to my photos. It is
    possible to do? Thank You very much for the help. Ghiga 2"

    If You go here, You can read some answers to it.
  2. I'd also appreciate something like this, though I'm not proud to admit it. I haven't posted many photos for critique lately, but I noticed recently that the number of ratings I've received went up by one, and at the same time my average A and O ratings dropped a bit. It would seem someone snuck into my portfolio and dropped a 3/3 on one of my photos! It clearly wasn't the most recent photo I'd posted, but beyond that, I have no way of telling which photo warranted this treatment.

    <p>But is this really a problem? After thinking about this a bit more, I'm inclined to think that the problem lies within myself. I mean, if I can tell you without checking exactly how many ratings I have received to date and what my A and O averages are to the second decimal place, then I'm spending too much time looking at my community member page and not enough time taking photos. Ultimately, I should be working on having so many photos with so many ratings that a random 3/3 won't even register. I agree that "date of last rating" would be interesting to know, and I probably would check it periodically, but ultimately I'm not sure this should be a top priority--I personally would much rather see the overworked administrators address the question of encouraging more comments.

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