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  1. I need some advice as I am ready to boil over. I signed up for a seminar called "Shooting Higher, Marketing to
    the high end bride" I signed up for this over a month ago in for the seminar that is being help in LA on Oct 13
    which is in three days and have not received any information on the seminar. Not where it is, no any times,
    Nothing. I wrote to actual site and the email bounced back, so I went to their personal wedding sight and sent
    an email at the beginning of this week, I got an email back saying they would send out emails in the middle of
    the week with all the information, well here it is Friday and still no email. I have left 4 messages at their
    actual answering service and still have not received a call back. I now just want to get my money back.

    Have any of you attended this seminar? Had trouble with getting information? Have I been scammed?? I don't know
    what to do at this point. Any advice would be appreciated.
  2. Sorry but it sounds like you got taken.

    Be careful there are a lot of scammers out there.
  3. If you paid by credit card, Call the credit card company immediately. You might be able to get your money back. I would make several calls: the better business bureau (google Landon Darr), also the Attorney General's office. They do not seem to be legitimate. If you check the "contact us" you will discover they have no physical address. In the future, get advice from established professional organizations: WPPI and PPA.
  4. Hi Jacqui,

    Did you ever receive an answer from the Darr's? There is supposed to be a seminar on the 15th (tomorrow) here in
    San Fran I have the same problem as you. I cannot get ahold of them and they have yet to release info on where to
    go!! The website they were using for the seminar at the time when I signed up back in july 2008 was
    www.reachingthehighendbride.com and it is now parked free at godaddy. Even though my payment confirmation
    email came from info@reachingthehighendbridge.com the domain does not receive email. I guess their new site for
    this "tour" is http://www.shootinghigher.com . Based on what I have seen on line they seem to be scammers which
    sucks because they are listed in the WPPI and I bought my tickets in good faith.
    (http://www.wppionline.com/newsletter/sep08/member-news.tml) I'd love to hear more about your experience if there
    is any more to tell.

    [ADMIN EDIT: Phone numbers removed]

    I also found a listing on model mayhem

    Other stuff:

  5. So they actually did give me the location Three days before, and gave me some song and dance about their whole office was shooting a wedding in Fuji. (Seems a bit strange that the office manger would go along, but what ever.) the funny thing is that after leaving 5 messages at the acutal business of Kristi and Landon, no one ever called me back. I wrote to a nameless, faceless person telling them I no longer wish to attend the seminar and that I wanted my money back. They have sent me two emails now saying they would refund my money, but that will remain to be seen.

    My true thoughts is that this is a legit seminar and seems like a very informative one, but they have really bad tour planners to the point of spoiling the excitement of going. I was very upset that even though the confirmation said they would tell me a week out they did not actually release that information till three days before. I do not believe that they book the hotel that close to the date so I am not sure why the delay.

    Anyway with that said, I am sad I missed the seminar but I felt too jaded to attend. I hope others will not have the same problem.
  6. Admin note: This post may not be from a real person. See post further down.
    I attended the seminar in LA and the seminar was by far the best I have attended. The Darr's were very nice so I cannot imagine that you had so much trouble. I hope you get the problem sorted out but I can say I attended and the seminar is not a scam. You missed a great seminar :(
  7. I have since talked directly to Landon Darr and he was very nice and apologetic. He explained to me that the company that was handling the tour completely dropped the ball, and how truly sorry he was for the inconvenience. He also told me that he fired the tour company and was making sure that nothing like this would happen again. I do feel he was very sincere and I do plan on trying to attend another seminar in the future.

    Hope this helps with anyone who is planning on attending this seminar.
  8. These guys are scammers for sure - Info update for anyone who doesn't want to be duped.

    My seminar tickets were bought by my wife, who uses a different email address than me entirely. They ignored
    continued emails from her email address; the one that registered and paid for for the seminar on Oct 15th, in San
    Francisco. Even though they had ignored her repeated emails (and phone calls) requesting the info necessary to
    attend, prior to and even on the day of the seminar... - they had no problem emailing me. Obviously they got my
    email address from this forum. Here is what they had to say:


    The group is currently in the San Fran seminar today. I am sorry I have gotten this a little late. We had a problem
    with another person from LA as well.

    I checked the register and the reason you did not receive the location is you are not signed up.

    If you did in fact sign up - your information did not register. Can you please forward the receipt if you have one.

    If this is the case, I will be happy to refund your money - or if you do not get this too late you can shoot over to the

    Let me know"

    I promptly notified them that my wife had purchased the tickets and I would indeed like a refund as well as
    information regarding the location of the seminar so I can verify with whomever hosted it that it did indeed happen and
    is not a scam. They sent an email to both my wife's email address and my own stating that they would give a full
    refund. No refund has been received. To this day they refuse to answer as to the location of the seminar.

    I make this post to warn people. It's as simple as this: if these people were legitimate they would be able to verify
    seminar locations, past and present. We would be able to call their venues and verify that seminars are really
    happening. Obviously they are not. www.shootinghigher.com lists no locations for their seminars, past or present.
    Don't be taken by this scam! Anyone legitimate will have reserved their venue far in advance and should have no
    problem giving you information on the past, present and current locations. I'll also point out that the day the seminar
    was supposed to happen and they contacted me offering a refund, is the same say "Marco Medrid" signed up for
    photo.net forums to make the claim that he/she attended the LA seminar (Hey Marco, where was the venue? I'd like
    to call and verify it's reserve and use on the date in question!) . Most likely a random name created by the Darr
    scammers to run online damage control for their reputation.

    Sincerely trying to prevent further scam victims,


  9. Admin note: This post may not be from a real person. See post further down.
    Kevin - You are crazy. You have nothing better to do than to slam something you have no idea about? I did attend the LA seminar. The Shooting Higher Seminar was held at Sheraton Universal in Universal City CA. SO THERE BUDDY!!!
  10. i registered for their 2008.10.29 seminar in Chicago way back in July when i received their flyer. since then, i tried requesting the location information several times (via their seminar website, their commercial website, their 800#, even landon darr's purported cell phone number) all without avail for the month or so. until yesterday... i tried calling their studio's 800# again (which is actually an answering service that forwards their calls) and finally got transferred to "Mark" who gave me the location info. he said that i should've gotten the info and did not know why i never received it. he also didn't comment when i queried about why i never received responses to my numerous email and phone requests for information.

    at any rate, i've got the venue info now. i even called the hotel where they're having it to confirm that they actually have something slated to go on. the event is tomorrow and i'll update this post after i get back from it to let you all know how it went.
  11. i got back from the seminar a couple of hours ago and my thoughts:
    1) yes, they're real. the seminar's real too, real good!
    2) the Darr's are a super nice couple; straight shooters, very genuine, and truly gifted business couple.
    3) their seminar made a lot of sense.
    4) trevor reisz is a helluva sales guy and has some f'ing killer boots.
    5) they're a super busy couple that had an unfortunate experience with the company that was managing the tour
    mismanagement. lesson learned; they're doing damage control. crap does happen; sucks when it does but they're
    trying hard to remedy the situation.
    need more proof? i did take a couple of pictures during the day and they're up on my <a
  12. Landon & Krisit Darr photographed my wedding back in June of 2007. Needless to say, it is now a year and a half later & still no photos. We have called continously the cell phone & 800 numbers as well as sent uncountable emails with no response. the mail address we have is [EDITED] Ave Winston Salem NC 27104. Although we were told by Landon they are in the process of moving to LA. We are now contacting the Attorney General since they will not even answer our attorneys phone calls. Breach of Contract has been filed too. They are scammers and we need to let others know
    [Admin Edit] - Address edited. We don't need that sort of thing on the site. You can tell people to contact you for their address if it is needed for legal proceedings.
  13. FWIW,

    "Marco Medrid" has been banned from the site and his comments should be noted as very suspect. It seems that "Marco" (who claims to have attended the LA workshop) is posting on photo,net from an IP address that is located in Winston Salem, NC. Which coincidentally happens to be where the Darr's are located as well. Now, I suppose it is possible that this person lives in Winston-Salem and just decided to fly to LA on a lark. But at the very least there is more to this story that isn't being told and it's very likely that "Marco" is not a real person at all but rather one of the Darrs or someone working for them.

    I find this sort of thing very annoying and childish.
  14. Is anyone registered in the Seattle Seminar on November 17? If so do you have the information on where it is taking
    place? I am flying in from Canada.
  15. Darr photography collected money from me to build my photography web site in Sept 2008. The site was going to be based on a Bludomain template that they were going to customize to some degree. It has been 2 months since I paid them. I have not spoken to Kristi Darr or Landon Darr since they collected the money. They haved emailed me to tell me they would call. They have not returned any of my calls.

    Darr photography was doing webinars through Marathon publishing. I found out that Marathon has since terminated their association for undisclosed reasons. Beware of this couple. Every professional photographer I have spoken to on the East and West coast speaks words of caution about them.
    We could have resolved this with a simple phone call.
    They have a workshop in LasVegas on Nov 19. I think I'll be there
  16. I am supposed to go to the Seattle seminar also, I am to drive 300 miles one way to get to this seminar. It seems like it would be great seminar, but its rolling dice. I am just going on hope, what the h, this is very frustrating I am sorry to Michelle who has bought an airline ticket I have left numerous emails at both the shooting higher email, and to kristi's mac email, I have phone messages left with the answering service and with Landon's cell 336-862-6010 . What a joke, this just doesn't seem legate, not sure if I should travel all that way, for a wild goose chase.
    Thanks Julie Boehm
  17. Let us know how the Seattle seminar went...or if it existed.
  18. Did anyone who signed up for this "seminar" actually look at their website and work? This was a hastily put
    together template site with really sub-par images and numerous spelling and grammatical errors. I mean, compare
    the work they presented to other photographers who do high-end/celebrity weddings (Denis Reggie, Joe Buissink,
    Parker J, and on and on). . .this was obviously a scam. Anyone can put together a website and claim that they
    start at 10K and photograph weddings all over the world but if the work is not there to back up the claim then
    something smells. Research carefully before you spend your hard earned money!
    b + g,
    asheville, nc
  19. I started this Thread, and I actually tried to take back what I said about the Darrs as I talked to him on the phone and he was extremely nice, promising me a free seminar, my money back and great appologies. They asked me to remove this post as they were getting bad publicity and that they wanted to clear their name.Well I am glad that they did not take down this thread as I still have not received my money back, which was promised over a month ago. I keep getting the run around now, after Landon himself told me he was putting the check in the mail out of him own money. That has not happened. Whether he is not refunding me my money due to this thread or just because there are completely incompetent, this has become ridiculous to me. I would warn anyone against taking this seminar. I am back to believing this is a scam.
  20. I signed up for the San Francisco Seminar. I called 5 times and emailed trying to get the location an no one would get back to me by the time of the seminar. I have since tried to call and email to get my money back. I have received one email about 3 weeks ago saying they would refund my money, but they didn't and I haven't been able to get a hold of anyone since. Maybe not a scam, but really bad customer service. More than wanting my money back, I really wanted to attend the seminar.
  21. I was signed up for the SF seminar... Three days before the seminar I tried to contact them through the seminar site
    for the address of the semiar and it errored out. THen I found their photography website (they also have a MySpace
    page) I sent an email through that site and it worked... This is the reply i got :
    Hi Rhonda,

    I am sorry you are having trouble. If you feel we are "Unprofessional" I would be more than happy to just give you a
    We are managing this tour - Landon is Paid by a sponsor to do this. I would rather just issue a refund to you. Will
    this be ok.

    Mark Westmoreland
    CC: 2332
    CC: 2400
    CC: 2390

    I don't know who Mark Westmoreland is but we went back and forth - he is somewhat of a punk. He offered a refund
    twice. I accepted. No refund to date. He also mentioned that they have 259 registered for the SF seminar. I feel
    sorry for them! I have contacted my credit card and they are working on it. Thanks for everyones postings on this
  22. Wow, I found this forum by actually Googling 'Darr Photography scam' while sitting here filing a dispute with my credit card company at
    this very moment. I wondered if I was the only one who's had a problem with their unprofessionalness. If it's not a scam, it's the worst
    run business on the speaking circuit. Not only did they charge my credit card for $175 twice instead of once (I only registered for one
    person), they cancelled their Detroit date in September about a week before promising refunds that never came. Their phone calls are
    handled by an answering service, and their contact page on the shooting higher site does not work. Same game as everyone else,
    numerous phone calls and emails with no response. Only when I mentioned credit card dispute on the main photography contact link did
    someone email me back, only to be told this is the first time they've received contact from me, and they have no record of my
    payments. Come on now, are you kidding? They wanted to see my credit card statement, and told me they'd send me a check back in
    the mail as soon as I sent it. I've provided proof, gone around and around with them for 3 weeks now, and they're back to not responding
    and big surprise, no check in the mail for me. Even if they did have poor tour management, they have not handled this situation as
    honest professionals would have, by calling all affected parties and refunding all monies, or assigning someone in the office to do this.
    Where is everybody's money since we've all paid and hardly anybody here has received what they paid for? Don't be fooled, even if a
    few people did see them and they were great, its not worth the hassle. They might be a very nice couple but they deserve the bad
    publicity for the way they have chosen to handle this with so many of us. If you are someone waiting for a refund, better contact your
    credit card company now...
  23. Oh, one more thing I just noticed, possibly an eye opener here. Both Dan Gin and Rhonda Nelson above mentioned
    speaking to Mark from Darr Photography. Interesting that the banned person who commented they were the best was
    named "Marco". Before finding this site I found a link on Google to the official Calumet blog site where it was raving about
    their upcoming seminar (they were sponsors) and a person commented that this was a scam, same as other comments on
    here. Guess who was the very next comment back? A guy named 'Mark' commented it was 'not a scam and the best he's
    ever been to'. I mentioned jokingly underneath that he must work for them, and that was before I found this site. It probably
    is the same guy doing damage control!
  24. I am so upset with this whole process, I have talked to Landon Darr personally and I have talked to his "So Called" assistant. I have begged him to not make me take him to court for this as I can not afford to go to North Carolina to file a small claims suit. I have sent numerous emails to Landon Darr after he promised that he personally would send me a check. Of Course No Check has come. When I started emailing him again he told me "I was going to refund your money, but I found out some things about you" I wrote back and said what exactly could that be, I have been nothing but strait forward with him. He even tried to get me to take down this thread of post about him and his company, which I asked photo.net to do but because this is all true and factual events, and not slander they would not take it down, which I am so happy about.
    Due to Landon Darr's last comments to me saying he does not feel that I am entitled to a refund, I have vowed to make sure that I let any and all people that sponsor and support their company that they have scammed many people with their shooting higher seminars. As starting photographers, we have fallen victim to wanting to learn better techniques, marketing, and other things from experienced photographers. I not even sure they have been photographers for that long, when I did some research he was a DJ a few years back. HMMMM weird.
    I will be trying to get information out to any and all so that these people will not scam any one else. They need to be shut down for good.
  25. Jacqui Valdivia,
    Did you pay for this seminar with a credit card? I would be happy to help you get your money back from these scammers. If you call your credit card company's 800 number and tell the operator that you would like to dispute a charge they have a whole legal department just for this situation. They'll ask you about the details, so just be armed with the information and let them know that you have tried several times to resolve the issue on your own and that the Darrs have not cooperated. They will begin the process for you and give your account an immediate conditional credit for the amount you were billed while they "investigate" it. They will then contact the Darrs and ask them for proof that the charge is legit, which the Darrs will not be able to provide. Then after a while you will get notice that you have won and that the conditional credit is now permanent. The Darrs never gave me the promised refund, but I disputed the charge with my credit card company and just received an email from the company:
    " Dear KEVIN:
    We have great news! The billing dispute on your [card name removed for privacy purposes] account for the transaction on 07/31/2008 in the
    NC has been resolved.
    The conditional credit previously posted to your account is
    now permanent.
    You'll receive a statement message or letter confirming
    the action taken on your billing dispute. If you have
    other outstanding billing disputes, you will be updated
    via email, statement messaging or other correspondence as
    their status changes.
    We appreciate your business and look forward to serving you."
    Jacqui, or anyone else who needs it, please email me at kevin@spiltmilkimaging.com for further assistance and information about your rights and how to get your money back.
    Cheers, -Kevin
  26. Yes, Kevin is correct. A credit just came through for me as well. I did finally get a call back from Mark myself after I last posted here. And he explained that although they'd be happy to refund me out of their pocket, that the proper thing to do would be to dispute this. He explained that Marathon Press who was sponsoring them were the ones to collect all of the money, and that is why they have not yet refunded money. They never received the money that is due back to some of us, Marathon Press still has it. So I believe Marathon Press has settled with the credit card company, not actually the Darrs. But I did receive my refund of $350. Try that.
  27. I've been following this thread as I am also in NC and, while at another seminar, found out one of the attendees had also signed up for the Darr seminar.
    The reason I'm posting is the Darr's were at the Bridal show in Raleigh, NC this past weekend. I had no desire to meet or speak with them but I find it very curious that while they are apparently scamming photographers for these seminars, they are also actively pursuing the wedding business.
    Does anyone have any further information about this?
  28. Sorry for the extremely long response, but I've got up close and personal experience with Landon and Christie, his wife:
    I was employed by Landon and Christie Darr for a while. It was right when their business was taking off--Late 2007. They were getting more and more weddings booked, and they needed an extra photographer. I talked to them, signed some contracts, they promised to take me to a few weddings to learn their style, then nothing. They booked me for a wedding in June 08 and I had to hassle, fineigle and coerce information out of them, and then find out I'd be shooting solo. This was when they were still Modern Photography. In about May of 08, when I was stressing about shooting solo for a >$1000 wedding package, I drove to their house, (very close to the Harris Teeter at the corner of Peacehaven and Country Club in Winston-Salem) and asked them about it. They said I was now Modern Photography, and they were pursuing Landon and Christie Darr Photography. I smelled a fish then, but I hadn't actually done any work for them, and it seemed I wouldn't have to, since they were so uncommunicative with the one wedding they had arranged for me to shoot. In any case, I moved halfway across the country and I haven't heard from them since.
    I had much of the same communication issues that the rest of the people here have had-specifically when it came to emails. At one point, I had Landon's cell phone number, but I've since deleted that from my phone. He was generally pretty good about returning the second or third call. For people with no formal photographic training, their photos are stunning, but their communication could use a lot of improvement.
    The only employees in the company are Landon and his wife. They both shoot at each wedding, Christie does the retouching, and Landon books the weddings. I know someone who posted above was surprised that Landon was out shooting.
    The gist of this, I guess, is don't go to their seminars. If you're interested in getting them to shoot your wedding, as far as I know (and my info is only relevant to June 08), use them if you've got deep enough pockets. But they have no photographic training. They are self taught.
    Here's how they shoot-glean from this whatever you'd like. I imagine their seminar would contain this info, were it legit:
    Use selective focus. They like big apertures when they're shooting weddings. Go for details. Don't just shoot the bride. Shoot one wine glass, or a single rose, or footprints leading up to the bride and groom on the beach, or the bride's tramp stamp tattoo as she's putting on her dress. Let the bride wreck her dress in the sand and shoot that. I've seen some where the bride and groom went into the town to shop and drink in full bridal regalia, and they shot that. So paparazzi the bride and groom. These are all for location weddings. For stuff that's not in the Caribbean, use the selective focus and details, but shoot the family too. Watch the flower girl and ring bearer. Then, in Photoshop Elements (seriously), change some photos to b/w or sepia. Selectively make parts of the photo b/w-i.e., the entire photo is black and white save for the bouquet.
    They're good at presentation, but a lot of their techniques would get you laughed out of your Photography 101 class.
    1. Hello to everyone! This post has been a long time coming. We were advised for quite a while NOT to comment on any blogs. Against PR's judgement we have decided to make a public posting.

      To Answer some questions:

      1.) No - Our seminar is not a complete scam

      We were approached to speak across 14 cities nationwide. We accepted the offer. Because we own and operate 2 photography companies and a few other businesses in no way shape or form could we handle the logistics. Logistics including, Locating hotels, signing contracts for room space, A/V equipment, Air Travel. Ground Travel, Catering, Issues in our own office, management of our duties while gone, registration, charging the registrants etc.
      As you can see that is almost a full time job! We had a sponsor UN NAMED approach us and we agreed only on the basis the logistics would be outsourced and all we had to do was show up and speak. At then conclusion of each city we would get a check based on what we sold for the sponsors and the attendees.

      The company that was hired to do the logistical piece of it was great at first. Towards the middle of the seminars people were getting charged twice, getting notified about the seminars at the last minute and some had no communication at all.

      All of this pointed to us when in reality all we were to so is get on a plane - speak and thats it!

      I understand a lot of points made. If I did not attend due to a logistical issue or not getting the information I would want my money back as well.

      We are in the middle of a suit with the company who handled this and have learned from this mistake.

      First off, I would like to extend a huge apology to anyone this affected. For the few people who have not received your money back yet, here's how.

      1. We did not charge you this. Our touring company charged this amount - which went to their bank account.

      Call your credit card company and complete a charge back.

      If that does not work and as a final resort, I will take financial responsibility and issue a refund to you.

      If you would like us to refund your money please do this.

      1. First, try to get a charge back from the original purchase.

      2. If that does not work, Prove to us you were never refunded by showing a copy of your statement.

      3. I will them personally issue you a refund check right away.

      As to answer #5, I have no idea who this person is and did not engage in business on that issue. My guess someone heating the fire.

      #6 & #7
      Agin, I have no clue of these postings.

      #8 & #9
      I have no clue who or what this is. We would never do something like that. My guess someone fueling the fire again.

      Again Guys, I am very sorry for what has happen but we sure have learned from this experience. As for our future tours are concerned we will handle them 100% and not outsource them. We will just have to hire an additional office person [​IMG]
  29. First of all.......THIS IS A SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I went to the Seminar in New York Sept. 17, 2009. Landon is a good talker. He states all this bull that he knows this one and that one and he's done all this great stuff. Like I said he is good because he got me all pumped up and we spoke about us (together doing a networking gala in New York) pumped I was and I was willing to go out and secure a place to do this. Just a few things.....He got me very pumped, like I said he is good. he started to push his Vegas Seminar which I even got more pumped about. We spoke at the convention and I told him that I had to check with my schedule to see If I was available for those dates. he mentioned that he couldn't hold a spot because he was only allowing 40 people. I told him that I guess I have to wait and take a chance. Well, he then stated you know what and these are his exact words "just fill out these two pieces of paper and if you call me in a couple of days.....I give you my word and I won't charge your credit card and maybe you can come to another future seminar/workshop". So "Stupid Me" I signed the form but he also wanted a copy of both sides of my credit card and driver's license, which I didn't do and told him I would fax a copy of them both when I absolutely sure I can go. he stated that was fine. It happens to be that I will be away in Florida for business and vacation that week and I called him 2 days later and left a message with his answering service 2 times. he got back to me 4 days later when he was in Dallas. I now explain to him the situation and he states that he was in
    Dallas and he is sorry that I couldn't go to Vegas and when he got back home he would call me. Well..........3 weeks went by and I didn't hear from him. I was in Los Cabos and they day I was leaving, Oct. 16 a month after the seminar and after I called and spoke to him, I got a call on my cellphone that there was a large sum of money charge on my credit card. I found out it was Darr Photography. I called the credit card company was going to stop the transaction and they stated I should try to contact the person. Which I TRIED SEVERAL TIMES!!!!!!. I called and left 5 messages for him on his answering service, which I know he got the messages, within 2 days and also faxed him numberous times and it so happened to be his fax machine was "busy" for 6 days.....He never got back to me.....I then proceeded with the credit card company to file a complaint to get my money back. They credited my card back the $949.00 back to me..... SUPERISINGLY, who do you think called back three days later......The Lost Landon who doesn't call back until the ball is not on his side..... He threatened me to call the credit card company back to cancel the dispute or he was going to contact his lawyers and sue me. He doesn't recall anything he mentioned to me at the seminar and kept on saying you signed the paper and there is no refund. AND THE BEST IS.....HE NEVER GOT ANY MESSAGES FROM ME OR SPOKE TO ME WHICH IS HE IS A LIAR......I CALLED SO MANY TIMES THAT THE ANSWERING SERVICE KNEW WHO I WAS AT THAT POINT AND ONE GIRL PUT ME ON HOLD AND SAID I SEE YOU HAVE CALLED 5 TIMES I AM GOING TO EMAIL HIM NOW AND CALL MYSELF AND SEE IF HE IS IN THE OFFICE..........HE IS JUST NOT A MAN OF HIS WORD............ Anyway, he demanded that I release the dispute at once and he gave me to the end of the day. I called my lawyer and she stated that I get copies of all the papers I signed after emailing back and forth Landon also stated that I faxed him my copy of credit card and license which was not true. He only produced the the 2 pieces of paper that I signed. I also have two copies of blank forms that I took as a copy from him the day of the seminar because he had no copy machine to make copies. he also emailed me, which I will show the emails at the end of this so you can see for yourself what kind of man he really is....... One email stated that I could replace my spot with another person or if anyone calls and wants to go he will let them take my spot and he would give me a refund and he did mention that the workshop registration was closed. Now, keep in mind this is 4-5 weeks after the september workshop and he has more 1 day seminars to promote. If this workshop was such great one and it filled up so fast within weeks, not months you would think that there are some people on a waiting list to go. IF this workshop sold out so fast......there has to be people on a list. HE IS JUST A LIAR!!!!! AND A GREAT SCAM ARTIST!!!!!!!!!
    Few hours later, he sends me an email stating that he is going to hand everything over to his lawyer and take it from there. The email also had a "terms and condition" with clauses that I never saw until now.

    The Credit card company actually settled with Landon Darr in his favor and he got his deposit back. I called the credit card company to see why they sided with him and they stated that in the terms and conditons it clearly states no refunds and some other lawyer terms. I mentioned to them that the only thing I signed were 2 pieces of paper which had no clauses attached to them it was just my credit card info, my address, phone number etc........ The credit card company stated they were looking at a contract that I signed..........I said WHAT!!!!!!!!!

    As of the new year I received all the info that Landon sent to the credit card company and there was a contract that was typed up and my name and info written in, WHICH IS NOT MY HAND WRITING AT ALL, AND THE LAST PAGE ONLY HAS MY SIGNATURE ON IT WITH HIS.



    I hope you are doing well. I am traveling and not in the office - I was just brought abreast to this situation.
    - Joseph here is the situation. We are 100 sold out for the event. Per our agreement there is no cancelation and the money is not refundable. It also states that several times on the registration form and the credit card authorization that you signed - that cancelations are not allowed and monies will not be refunded.

    If you can find someone to go in your spot, I will credit you back the deposit. Second option - If I am able to fill your spot I will let you know and credit you as well. We are no longer marketing this event so it would have to be someone calling in that heard of the event. Either way if it is possible - I will help you out.

    Landon Darr
    Voice 800-951-4021
    Fax 336-793-2015
    PHOTOGRAPHY www.darrphotography.com
    NATIONAL TOUR www.shootinghigher.com
    WORKSHOPS www.shootinghigherworkshop.com

    Joseph -

    Not quite sure what you are saying. You did fax me a copy of your license and credit card? I will help you if I un into someone who wants your position - I am not our to keep your money - just the agreement was the agreement that you signed - due to the small size of the workshop the depositis NON refundable.


    I have an obligation to inform you of fees, that are to my knowledge before proceeding with legal.

    1. Original Amount $949.00
    2. Charge Back Fee $423.00
    3. Investigator Fee $145.00 ( To Investigate Dispute & Draft Documents)
    4. Attorney Fee to Review Case $345.00
    5. Attorney Fee To Mail, UPS, Or Fed-EX (At cost)
    6. Attorney Fee For Pre Discovery - Time with case $ 345.00 per hour billed by the hour
    7. Court Filings - At Cost

    I do not have the time to mess with this all day. Call the card company and reverse the charges. When we fill your space I will refund you. Read the authorization and registration. Point blank - I am turning this to legal at 4:05PM

    The only further communication you need to send is you have called the card company and reversed the charges are - you are not going to do that.

    I am teaching a class today and I am not pulling any further docs - you have what you need.

    There are a lot more emails....if anyone is interested please contact me and I will be more then happy to provide. The last email states he was teaching a class........that's funny because these emails went back and forth all day which started at 11:00 am and he stated in other emails that he had to go a pull my paper work to email it.

    STAY TUNED PEOPLE.............THIS IS NOT THE END.......YOU WILL HEAR MORE................

    I did a lot of research after the seminar and over the holidays. I contacted a few of my contacts that are considered high end wedding planners, photographers, florists that do a lot of destination weddings and others that are in the industry and no one has heard of Landon and Kristi Darr. They state that they just started Darr photography 3-4 years ago and they only do 2-3 weddings per month.........then they state that they are booked every month for 2 1/2 years..........YET....nobody has heard of them.........kind of funny....don't you think!!!!!!!!!

    Like I said Landon is good at what he does.....and that's to sucker you in.............He got me!
  30. Hi all,
    Wanted to give you guys some feedback on this matter after having similiar issues with Landon Darr. Last August I had signed up for the Shooting Higher Seminar in Miami, Fl and did not get the email that the location had been changed, so of course I was a bit on the upset side (to say the least). However, I was able to contact one of Landon's assistants that day and he apologized for the oversight and vowed to make it up to me. Different offers to correct the situation were made by his assistant including a full refund ($175). I gave it thought and after a few days I decided to just take the refund. This is when I had some trouble getting a hold of Landon's assistant and then Landon. However, I know photographers can be busy so I gave it some more time and eventually he responded. After he responded by calling me, I pretty much gave him a MAJOR earful! I was surprised to see he remained on the phone after my complaints, but he actually expressed his interest in correcting the situation and apologized many times. He then promised to send me a money order for $175 via FedEx and I actually got it a few days later! Landon explained that he had made a mistake in setting up the payment for the seminar through the sponsor, and told me he would never do that again cause of all the headaches and mistakes that occured. I think he knows he took a hit in terms of his reputation, but he also mentioned he will take just about any measure to correct the mistakes made.
    Rick Fernandez
    Fernandez Photography

  31. I have been hesitant on posting this but I think it's only right. I would never consider using the Darr's again.
    My wife and I finally received our pictures (2-25-09) from our June 2008 wedding in the Bahamas. After being promised the photographs in just 4 weeks by Kristi Darr. The 4 weeks seemed unreasonable but I didn't question it. The truth is we had to wait 8 months. During the 8 months were dozens of emails/messages and some voicemails, many of which were unreturned. There were several false promises made as to when the pictures would be delivered. A few other times we were told it had already been mailed a sometime ago and we should have received it already, although Landon Darr was unable to provide me with tracking numbers. Our address was on the contract and sent to him many more times via email. We spoke to an attorney which we were about to hire but decided to first file a complaint with the Better Business Bereau of North Carolina. To my amazement, once we filed the complaint, we received the pictures shortly thereafter. I should note that over a span of 3-4 days I repeatedly called Kristi Darr's cell phone dozens of times to get an answer as to where the pictures are. They were doing a seminar in Las Vegas at this time (week of Feb 9). Needless to say Kristi ignored my calls although she did text me to say she would call in a few hours but never did. Here's what our $3,500 (up-front payment) contract was for:<br /><br />1.Traveling to the Bahamas and shooting the wedding <br />with unlimted photos. <br /><br />2. Hosting images online for viewing/purchasing<br /><br />3. Editing &amp; Photo Retouch<br /><br />4. Hi-resolution files with shared copyright release<br /><br />5. Photo Montage DVD and Web Show<br /><br />Here are the results:<br /><br />1. They did both fly to the Bahamas and shoot our wedding.<br /><br />2. Several weeks before Christmas and after many emails/calls they finally hosted the images on Pictage.That is nearly 6 months after our wedding. Although it was great to see the pictures of our wedding, there was not much else we could do with them. Our only option was to purchase them from Pictage and outrageous prices..$9.99 for a 4x6 and higher from there. According to our agreement, we were to receive the picture files, therefor we were not going to purchase them from Pictage.<br /><br />3. Photos look edited. Turned out nice.<br /><br />4. It took 8 months, speaking with an attorney and a complaint to the Better Business Bereau of North Carolina to get out pictures. Not to mention the frustration and anxiety.<br /><br />5. Still have not received Photo Montage and DVD webshow.<br /><br />During the 8 months I did extensive research on the Darr's and discovered several blogs full of negative comments...mainly from the seminars they host. Most of the blogs have since been removed. <br /><br />When we hired them, they were under the name MODERN EXPOSURE PHOTOGRAPHY. We were told they wanted to start catering to higher end brides and with the new name DARR PHOTOGRAPHY were going to charge minimum of $10,000.<br /><br />I have kept copies of ALL communication with Landon and Kristi Darr and can prove my statements.
  32. Landon and Kristi Darr are completely SCAMMING anyone who will take the bait! DO NOT book them for your wedding...or anything else, for that matter!
    Early of 2008, my fiance and I made the HUGE mistake of signing a wedding photography contract with Landon Darr, then working as Modern Exposure Photography. The wedding was set for St. Lucia in January of 2009. (Nathan, he told me that you'd be shooting my wedding as an "associate photographer," and then when the contract came over, it had someone else's name on it. I was surprised, but didn't think much of it.) We gave him a $700 deposit, with the balance to be paid about 11 months later on our credit card. Just over three months later though, my fiance got his credit card bill, and Modern Exposure had charged his credit card an additional $1000 without any notice or communication from them, completely unauthorized by me or my fiance. When we tried to get answers as to why this happened, we got the run-around every time.
    Just to name a few off the top of my head:
    The first explanation was, "Gosh, I'm SO sorry, I'll get that refunded to you right away."
    Then it went something like, "Oh, I don't have access to my contracts. I need to see what your contract says. I'll get back to you." (I knew what my contract said, and it said NOTHING about charging ANYTHING, MONTHS in advance without even a phone message or email!!)
    After a while, he said that they had to book flights to St. Lucia and had to charge us upfront for the flights. He said it was on our contract. Funny though, it wasn't on MY COPY that I SIGNED!!
    Going on, Landon would say they were "VERY BUSY" caribbean wedding photographers, and didn't have access to internet/email a lot of the time since they were on remote islands, and that's why they were so ridiculously bad at getting us answers....So then tell me how both he and Kristi are logging into their MYSPACE accounts EVERY day!?!?
    When my fiance would call in and talk to Landon, he was nice the first time or two, saying he couldn't get back to him right away. Then we'd try back, get Landon on the phone, and he'd claim to be someone else, making up stories about how they have over 80 employees and "this guy" who we'd reached was in an office in California! This fake person would take a message and say that we'd get a call back. Of course after this DIDN'T happen, we tried calling back, and Landon had the nerve to say my fiance wasn't even his client and refused to talk to him because I was the one who signed the contract....So does this really make sense when he charged HIS credit card and not mine?!?
    Landon promised on multiple email messages to refund all money including the original deposit to just get out of the contract, which needless to say, never happened. We didn't want to work with a company like this once we found out how unprofessional they are.
    We went on and on for weeks with nonsense from them, and then finally just resorted to disputing the credit card charges because we were getting to the limit of when we could dispute the UNAUTHORIZED charges. Of course, at this point we couldn't dispute the original deposit. They completely were in breach of contract though, and we lost the $700 deposit.
    Joe, I'm happy to hear you finally got your pictures! What a fiasco. It's so irritating to have things like this when you're trying to plan the best day of your life. Luckily enough, we secured a DIFFERENT, GREAT photographer in time for our wedding and the photos turned out beautiful as well.
    We would LOVE to take this to court, but don't know much about how to go about doing this. Anyone have any suggestions, or interest in a class action suit? Please contact me if you're interested.
  33. BEWARE EVERYONE!!! Run fast and stay away!
    I am so glad that i found this blog, so that I too can warn everyone.
    Those of you that were able to attend the seminar and to the guy that got proof, well you were lucky and to all the couples that did finally receive pictures I am glad. But for all those that were taken by Landon Darr i want to share my tale of how he took me for $1000.00 and tried to steal an additonal $900.
    I am getting married this year, 2009, and found Landon's company on the internet, March of 2008. I will be getting married in the caribbean so i of course was psyched to find a photographer that was based here in the US, making it easier for me to be able to reach and call etc. I should have been a bit wary when my wedding coordinator hadn't really heard of him and Landon claims that he did/does weddings where i am getting married all the time, and the fact that on his now defunct website there wasn't any contact info or an address; you had to supply your info and that is how he reached out to you.
    After providing my contact info on the site, Landon contacted my immediately and gave me quotes for how much it would cost to take pictures of the wedding, he told me that he offered two packages: the first would cover the span of a weekend, he and his wife would take pictures in town of my fiance and me, pictures before the ceremony, during, after, and then the next day we would do a "trash the dress" session. Well, needless to say this was far more than i was looking for and after i told him that it was and that the cost was too high, he then told me about option two: "an associate" of his would take the pictures, this person was trained by him and worked for him he stated. i agreed to go with option number two, but told him that i wanted to get other quotes and would get back to him after I returned back from North Carolina. As with everyone else, he was so nice and helpful, he told me that if i needed help with navigating island that i am getting married on let him know and he even offered to meet up with me in North Carolina, since i was going to be in Raleigh and he lives in Winston-Salem, i thought great i get to see this guy and look at his work in person.
    Well of course we never met up, and when i finally heard from him he gave me this line that he got a last minute job and had to go out of town; like a fool i thought ok and accepted that answer. I moved forward with signing a contract, and he also asked me to provide copies of my credit card, which i never did. Shortly after singning the contract (a few days) my wedding coordinator contacted me because a local phographer informed her that he received a new booking for a wedding that was thru her company and he wanted to confirm. Well she knew that i had decided to go on my own as far as photographers went and smelled a rat.
    Now i ask all of you why would I want to pay more money for Landon, just to have him contract our wedding out to a local guy, that i could have just contracted with thru my wedding coordinator and paid less money for. So of course when i found this out i was lived!! And lo and behold he was so apologetic stating that this other photographer worked for him and was trained by him. I told him that he should have just said that in the beginning and not made me believe something else; he did offer to let me out of my contract, but said that if i chose to move forward that he would handle everything 100% and that he would give me his guarantee, Blah blah blah. So i was suckered in yet again and decided to move forward.
    In August of 2008 i noticed that my credit card that i used for the $1000 deposit to Landon, was higher than it should have been after looking at my statement i saw that Landon charged $900 to my credit card without my authorization!! I immediately contacted him to find his cell phone had been disconnected so i emailed and called him on the modern exposure line; i always received voice mail, and the email response was that they were out of town. I then i received an email from the "accoutant" that they were out of the country and didn't have access to a computer or cell phone...come on now we are living in what century? especially with all of the technology available. also what accountant is the office at 1:00am for such a small business? i was told by this person that they would be back in town and was assured that the matter would be dealt with and that it was obviously a mistake.
    After doing some research i found his wife's MySpace page, well she would log in every day giving updates in where they were and what they were doing and wouldn't you know they were in the states in Florida on vacation!! I immediately emailed and called him demanding that he call me and that i was going to go to my credit card company. In short, he emailed me once hearing this and offered to give me a full refund of $1900, the $900 that he stole, plus my $1000 deposit. Well folks the credit card company only refunded me $900; they said that his contract stated that no refunds were due after 30 days and just because he sais that he would give me back the $1000, they had to honor the contract!!
    I hope that i do not read anymore storied like mine and i know in the long run this will all catch up to him and bite him on the ass.
  34. FYI - Darr photography is also "Kristi Darr artist" www.kristidarr.com
  35. Hi all,
    I realize this thread is from a couple years ago, but I'm hoping someone can help me out. Landon & Kristi Darr shot our wedding in St. Maarten in May, 2008 and we have yet to receive anything from them. We have tried countless times to contact them. They overcharged us by thousands of dollars and tragically, we have not one photo to show for it. Does anyone know how to contact them anymore? I am going to try the info I have. Any information you have would be extremely helpful. Thank you!
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  36. I wish I had found this review thread earlier! Thankfully I’m only out $50, and not the hundreds or thousands like the others. Folks should know that the Darrs are still operating, with Kristi operating smileclicklove.com. My wife signed up for a photo session that she
    found through her local mommies group. The session was on Saturday afternoon, 11-3-12. The premise was that Kristi had lost a family member, and these were fundraising photo sessions. She would take our pictures in downtown Hickory, NC and mail us a copy of the original files, in return for a $50 fee. We met her as arranged she took several shots of our family. We paid her by check, and we parted on good terms. Just as others found with her husband, she is a polite and personable lady to deal with in person, though very difficult to
    get in touch with otherwise.

    As Christmas approached and it was time to make our annual photo Christmas cards, it occurred to us that we hadn’t heard anything from Kristi. So I went to her Smile Click Love website to send an email, but the email bounced with a “mailbox quota exceeded” error. I called the 866-702-8811 phone number listed on her website, but that just
    gets me to a voice mail service. I left a message, but didn’t get a call back (and still never have). We looked for her on Facebook, where we found an active page but were unable to send a message. I did find @kristidarrSCL on Twitter, where we had the following
    12-12: “Hey Kristi, your email address is bouncing due to mailbox
    quota exceeded. We’re trying to get in touch.”
    Her prompt reply: “call me 866.702.8811
    I called the number again and left a message again.

    12-13: “Thanks Kristi, that’s the one we called yesterday and also
    today. Please let me know if you don’t get the messages!”

    Her prompt (final) reply: “I need your address to send your USB to :)

    So I called again and left our address on her voice mail.

    12-16 “Thanks Kristi, let me know if you aren’t getting
    the phone messages.”

    12-21: “Hi Kristi, can you give us a call about the picture files when
    you get a chance? [my phone number]”

    12-22: “Kristi, we are still trying to get in touch about the pictures
    that we’ve paid for. Please call [my phone number]”

    12-24: “Kristi, I know the holidays are busy, but if you’re able to
    get back to us it would reassure us that you haven’t just taken our

    1-9: “I wish we’d found this before we paid you: [link to this thread]
    still hoping for a refund, unless you still operate this way.”

    All the while we never heard back to her after that second tweet,
    though she was still active on Twitter with tweets about other things.

    My wife posted a message to her mommy group to see if anyone else had problems, and it turns out that several people did. One got a few disappointing pictures, most got no pictures. My wife tried sending Facebook messages to Kristi’s friends and family to let them know that we were having trouble getting through and to make sure she wasn’t going through some sort of hardship that we didn’t know about. We’ve tried to communicate with Kristi through every venue that we can think of, short of driving over to her house and knocking on the door (though that would certainly have been on the table if we were owed as much as some of you are). Has she been out of the country on some exotic wedding shoot? Maybe, but that hasn’t stopped her from staying active on Facebook and Twitter with posts and tweets about other things.

    I feel disappointed that she didn’t deliver pictures in time for Christmas- and I feel angry that she didn’t deliver the pictures at all- but we could excuse those issues under most circumstances. Has she lost the memory card? Did she shoot the session with manual focus
    or some other bad camera setting so that they didn’t turn out? Has she fallen ill and can’t find the strength to put the unprocessed files into a Dropbox or the mailbox? If there is a problem, why can’t we just talk about it and go from there? Everyone is unreachable at
    times, but few people are unreachable for a month, especially when they are obviously connected and active on social media sites. Unfortunately, the major failure here is one of communication. Beyond those first few tweets, she has ignored us, and that is just
    aggravating. Now that the holiday season has slowed, I spent some time to Google to see how many other people have had problems. That led me to this site, which has been very enlightening.

    If you have found this thread after you’ve paid money to one of the Darrs, let me offer my sympathy and hope it wasn’t very much. If you have found this thread because you are thinking about giving money to the Darrs, my recommendation is that you don’t. Is Kristi just a very poor communicator, or is she more deliberately evil? I don’t know and it doesn’t matter- both are very good reasons to not conduct business with her. The older stories in this thread show plenty of excuses- like the “third-party company” that booked their tour. I haven’t been able to find the excuse this time. I wish they would help me understand- why has it been this way? Will we ever get our money back? I’m not holding my breath, but if we do, I’ll certainly be back to let everyone know.
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