Daido Moriyama -- a short film

Discussion in 'Street and Documentary' started by cyanatic, Aug 22, 2014.

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    Excellent, especially his observations on how his photography is the same as the "casual photographer." Very humble approach.
  2. "People are worthy of being shot....black and white is symbolic and abstract...it is a dream world."
  3. Yes, and only the present is captured. He seems to smoke a lot!
  4. Thanks for cause to be visible !
  5. Has anyone been keeping up with his current work? Is so, what do you think of it? I read that he's gone digital and shoots in color now. Some of his color pictures were included in a exhibit at LACMA a few years back and one of the periodicals that he publishes was devoted to recent color work. Overall, I didn't think they were very strong images...but then again, I'm no expert.
  6. I always dig Moriyama's coolth and "it's all good" philosophy.
    Marc, I think Moriyama is working more in terms of themes and an overarching sensibility that works best in the context of unified sequential presentations - books, galleries, slideshows, that sort of thing. Taking one or two photos out of context won't convey the intended presentation. It's like taking one or two words out of a poem and thinking "This doesn't rhyme."
    But I'm not sure it takes any expertise or that any agreement is needed. It seems akin to some minimalist music compositions or musique concrete. It won't appeal to everyone, and possibly won't appeal to anyone every time. Sometimes when I've viewed Moriyama's work from any period, I think I've got it. Other days I think, nope, I don't got it. Same with Antoine D'Agata and many other photographers who work in abstractions and overall themes. Some days I grok. Other days not. Subject to change at whim.

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