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  1. Hi , i am a macro photographer & i want upgrade my camera (Panasonic FZ7) with a DSLR. I have 2 choices in DSLRS with CCD sensor (Nikon D80 & Nikon D3000). D80 is a old body but great camera & D3000 is a new camera with new technology. Therefore i could not choice simply between these cameras. So please help me in this choice.
  2. Seriously, you're going to start two threads? Why not just one that says "Which of these three cameras should I get?"
  3. We can only help you partly in the choice. The D80 and the D3000 are quite different bodies. Go to a shop, hold a D3000 and see how that feels in your hand. Hold a D90 (this body is nearly identical to the D80) and see how that feels in your hand. Check the viewfinder for differences.
    Another important point: the D80 will autofocus with non-AF-S lenses, the D3000 will not.
    What is the "must" about a CCD sensor anyway? I took some macropictures with a CMOS sensor, and it works just fine?
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    The D80 and D3000 use the same sensor and same AF system. The D80 will give you a better viewfinder, which is a major plus for macro.
    However, if you indeed shoot a lot of macros from a tripod, I would get something with live view, which is a great help for macro work. In other words, look into a D90 or even a D5000. The D90 has a much better LCD on the back, though.
  5. I would like to hear your opinion on this. I can get D3000 kit with 18-55 vr lens and some extra( bag, 2.5x telephoto lens, etc.) for $350 or D80 with the same lens no extras for $400. Which one?

    Both of the cameras are used. I'm not going to be pro in photography and I'm not even trying. I'm not going to buy lot of lenses. I just want to get good camera with 1 or 2 lenses, that is it. I don't know if $50 extra will give me something I will never use. Some concerns I have with D80 that it doesn't have anti-dust feature like D3000 has, but it is more professional camera with lots of feature. D3000 seems to have a better AF system. How the noise on those two on HI ISO?


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