D600 movie mode. Adjusting with lens aperture

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  1. I understand the d600 doesnt allow video exposure adjustent (aperture) on the fly when using the command dial but i was wondering why cant i adjust it via the lens aperture ring? When i try it shows me fEE. And it will work only with the smallest aperture closed. I can adjust iso and Sutter but i though there was a way by using older non gilded lenses.

    Any help appreciated.

    Btw im also looking for a backup camera for dslr work and was wondering if the d7100 is the same way where u cant adjust the aperture in live view like with the d600?

    Thank u.
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VmxK2k1nihs
  3. Robert, I just checked with my 28/f2 AI. I have been using older MF lenses for videos with good result. I can move the ring to adjust exposure without issues on the D600.
    Drat, just tried my 28-70 AFS with ring, I get the EE error with that lens not at minimum, and don't seem to be able to enter live view video.
  4. Thats it!! Wonderful link. Ill try it out. Yea!
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    Right, as the link Matt points to, on Nikon DSLRs with an aperture follower tab, there is a Custom Setting in Group F, Customize Command Dials. It lets you choose to use the aperture ring to control the aperture if the lens has such a ring.
    When that option is available, you can physically turn the aperture ring to change the aperture on the fly during live view and video capture.
  6. Mind you, the click-stops on lenses used for still work might drive you crazy. Which is why there are cine-oriented lenses with continual, smooth aperture rings.
  7. how many wedding videographers you know use cine lenses? out of the 200 I know, maybe 1 has some cine lenses. all use regular click stop lenses and usually adjust the shutter and iso and use it for a first adjustment as needed. im not going to invest in cine lenses. im not shooting video at all right now. just learning that side of the business.
  8. I'm going to give this a try with one of my 105 2.5 AI lenses this week!
  9. ooooh. I must try it. but I want to try it on my 50 1.8D. I dont have any old lenses. I did fix my 85 1.4 AIS. the threading inside was gunky and nasty and I took it apart and cleaned it and ever so lightly lubricated it. I used a drop of wd40 on a qtip and went over the threading, then used another clean one and went over that so it leaves the slightest amount and dirt doesnt stick to it again.
    how much does an 105 2.5 ai/ais cost today?
  10. I see used 105 2.5's in very good condition for $150-$200 pretty regularly. Check feeBay and KEH.com as well as your local list started by the guy named Craig.
  11. Btw im also looking for a backup camera for dslr work and was wondering if the d7100 is the same way where u cant adjust the aperture in live view like with the d600?​
    When I tried a D5200 from a friend, I was surprised to learn that in Live View, Auto-ISO is enabled in M-mode. This means that you just have to select the aperture (Yes, prior to engage Live View) and shutter speed (to match the video frame rate) and then let the cameras adjust ISO for slight change of light conditions. D5xxx have a fully articulated screen which is wonderful for framing shots, and lighter and cheaper than the D7100.

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