d60 question about mirror lens

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by virgw_owens, Sep 26, 2005.

  1. I got a mirror lens as a gift, I kknwo the image quality will not be
    great, but cannot seem to get the exposure right. Every time i put it
    in AV mode it will nto allow me to set the value to F8 and I can;t
    seem to get it set right in manual mode. Can some one please point me
    in the right direction
  2. Is this a T-Mount mirror lens, or one of the few EOS dedicated mirror lenses (ie sigma?)
  3. Just put it in Av mode and shoot. You don't need to set the aperture to f8, which is just as well since you can't!

    See http://www.bobatkins.com/photography/eosfaq/manual_focus_EOS.html
  4. SCL


    You might be surprised with the results. You will need to use a tripod for sharp pictures, in spite of advertising to the contrary. A number of f/8.0 mirror lenses actually are f/11.0 so you might find that you need to increase your estimated exposure by one f stop ( if you can't set the camera manually, you might use your compensation adjustment to help out). Lastly, focus is somewhat difficult with these lenses due to the small aperture (hard to see your subject)in low light. So until you have got things down satisfactorily, try shooting initially in bright light. Good luck & enjoy the unique characteristics of your lens.
  5. I mentioned this awhile back but never saw if anyone agreed with me: Is it not true that there is a Russian firm that has managed to manufacture an f5.6 supertelephoto mirror lens?
  6. Andrew, there is a photo on this page taken with a f5.6 500mm Multi Coated Makro Rubinar (Russian Mirror optic made by LZOS not sure this the one you mean.

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