D200 monitor

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by wmwhee, Feb 10, 2013.

  1. Recently I purchased a used d200. Although it does not appear damaged, the monitor is not crystal clear. It's almost as if there is a faint latent image burned on the screen. I am unable to remove this effect by simply cleaning, wiping, the surface of the screen. For the sake of comparison, I looked closely at the monitor of my years-old d70 camera, and it appears crystal clear to me. Any ideas about what is going on with the d200 monitor? Thanks. Bill
  2. Is it just the cover or the actual screen? I wonder if somethkng like a lens scrat h filler would work to clear it up, or maybe
    a dashboard plastic clearer.
  3. If you gently moisten the surface with water (avoiding the edges of the screen), does the 'latent image' disappear and/or the screen become transparent again?
    I'm wondering if you can tell 'where' the problem appears? ie if it's an actual image, it's deep within the LCD structure; however, if the surface has been cleaned with a abrasive cleaner is should 'clear' with water, until it dries cloudy again. Michael's filler should work here. If a strong solvent has been used it could be irreversibly clouded.

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