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Discussion in 'Nikon' started by gordon_woodward, Apr 13, 2007.

  1. Just picked up a new D200 today, how do you attach the supplied camera strap to
    the body? My D200 strap has no thin ends to loop through the strap eyelets on
    the body and nothing else in relation to the strap was included in the
    packaging. The manual/quick reference guide mentions nothing about an added
    accessory to attach the strap with.
  2. I'd suggest you go out and buy an OpTech strap- a heavy-duty fabric/neoprene strap that you'll be grateful for when you attach a big lens and maybe a strobe to the D200 and have to walk around with it for several hours. I call mine my shoulder-saver!
  3. I agree about the Optech strap. I have a set of 'tails' permanently installed on each of my
    camera bodies (a D70 and two old EOS film cameras) and just one strap. Whenver I go out
    with a camera I attach the strap to whichever camera I'm taking.

    Actually, sometimes if I'm just going out locally (walk across the field, for example) I just
    carry the camera with a single (small) lens, e.g. 35mm f2. Then instead of using the strap, I'll
    just clip the ends of the tails together, and wrap the loop around my wrist when I'm holding
    the camera.
  4. TheOpTech strap is okay but the better straps come from http://www.upstrap-pro.com. In
    nearly 30 years of active professional and personal photography, these are the best straps
    I've eveer used. For the D200 you probably want the SLR Classic model.
  5. Look on page 9 of the D200 manual.
  6. Nikon AN-4B- a man's strap:

  7. The original question was "How do you attach the supplied camera strap to the body?"

    Robert was on the money...page 9 in the manual.
  8. Thanks, maybe I'll look for a new strap tomorrow.

    I did see the instructions in the manual but there is something missing from my kit that will allow me to attach the strap. All I have is bare strap eyelets on the camera and a strap with thick ends that will not thread through the tiny eyelet holes.
  9. "All I have is bare strap eyelets on the camera and a strap with thick ends that will not thread through the tiny eyelet holes."

    There's your problem and another strap won't help. The camera should have come with little metal triangles (lug rings) attached through the tiny eyelet holes (lugs). You would thread the strap through the lug rings, not the lugs. Contact the store where you bought the camera or Nikon and get a pair of lug rings.
  10. I had to pick up a neoprene strap because the supplied one with the D200 just cut into my shoulder.
  11. Nikon, Canon, and other manufacturers have the camera model name screaming out in big yellow letters on the black strap. This is not to everyone's taste. I find it unsightly.

    Is there a good alternative to the one supplied with the camera?
  12. Yes, the Nikon AN-4B is rugged, black and unobtrusive- no advertising or fru fru:

  13. Also- read up higher in this thread and you'll see a couple of neoprene strap recommendations for comfort.
  14. BTW, those triangular lug rings that should have been on the D200 body when you bought it look like this ...
  15. Listen to Ellis his on the money here. http://www.upstrap-pro.com.
  16. +1 for the Upstrap. I have it on several cameras.

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