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Discussion in 'Nikon' started by steven_p, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. Add it to your cart and the price drops to $599.99
  2. Wow. You're right. if I hadn't spent some money lately, I'd have hit BUY !
  3. Sweet...how often does a deal like that come around?
  4. When their gone, the deal is over, I'm sure. The camera cost something around $1400 new. I'm still thinking about it. I'd love to see the D300 at that price in 18 months.
  5. D200 is an old body and not in par with today's cameras, D300 is already being sold at $1499 at B&H.
  6. Arash.... That's rubbish. The D200 is still a great tool, and SUPERB at $600 new with a Nikon USA warranty. The D100 may not be on par with the D300, but the D200 is right up there on the fringe of the green.
  7. That's a great deal on a great camera. Anybody thinking about one Dxx body versus another Dxx body ought to take advantage of this. It won't last long.
  8. Considering I just sold (2 months ago) a used, somewhat abused D200 (but still fully functional), for $600.00 this is an incredible deal.
    I just hooked up on the deal.
    D300 is a exceptional camera - great for high contrast situations - think weddings - D200 is 95% of the body that D300 is - Great for 90% of my shooting. And a great backup body.
  9. ShunCheung

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    While I wouldn't use a D100 any more, I think the D200 is still a good tool and far superior to the D60, which uses a very similar sensor. Those $540 D80 and $600 D200 are excellent values today.
  10. It now says they are sold out.
  11. Check again... The D200 is listed as available after it showed up as being sold out...
  12. It may say thay have them in stock but they don't. Ordered two last night got an email today that they are now backordered 1-2wks. Was offered instore pickup but there are non in a 70 mile radius from where I am.
  13. If it saves you $200, drive 71 miles!
  14. Wow I spent more than that on ebay and it was use. That was just last week!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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