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Discussion in 'Minox' started by brian__|2, Feb 27, 2000.

  1. In an earlier discussion I was told not to expect my 8x11 prints to look like 6x6. Not currently able to process my own, and not satisfied with MPL, I searched the Chicago area for custom labs able to provide sharp enlargements of the Minox format.


    I found one such lab, and as I thought my negatives were very sharp. The prints I received were outstanding. They may not be up to my Koni-Omega 6x7 format, but sharp enough to allow me to continue to use my Minox B.


    If anyone is interested, the custom lab, Photo Design and Processing, in Northbrook, Illinois ( offers custom printing and will ship anywhere. Although they currently do not process Minox negatives, Beryl Nichols of Photo Design assures me that if there is enough interest, they will offer processing as well.


  2. Brian I am glad you have found a custom lab you like. There is another customer lab, doing customed enlargements from Minox 8x11 negatives at
    P M Photo

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