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  1. The other thread was getting a bit long and hard to manage. So we're going to regroup on this new thread. Sorry for any inconvenience. We're as grumpy as you all about the bugs but we appreciate your help in tracking them down.
    First things first. READ THIS:
    If you are seeing a bug or problem related to the new graphic changes, you need to check these things before you report here:
    1. Hold down the shift key and click refresh in your browser. Your computer may have cached an older version of the page and the shift-refresh will make sure you are looking at the most current page and using the most current files.
    2. Clear your browser's cache. Same deal as above, your browser may be using an old version of the pages. If you do not know how to clear your cache, reading this page may help.
    3. Make sure that Javascript is turned on in your browser. There are a number of parts of the site that use Javascript to make them run. Make sure that you have it turned on and tht you do not have any plugins that are blocking it.
    • Known bugs
      These are the current known issues/bugs:
      • Some users browsers not using most current javascript files. Should be fixed as of 7/9 AM
      • "details" tab not working for some people Should be fixed along with above issue.
      • visited links are not changing color. Fixed as of 7/9 AM.
      • "Rate" tab appearing on images that has not been sent to critique forum. Fixed as of 7/9 AM
      • "Rate" tab is not working even for images that HAVE been submitted to critique forum. Fixed as of 7/9 AM
      • "ecard" tab appearing on images in folders that have ecards disabled. Fixed as of 7/9 AM
      • page is graphically messy. Fixed. Most recent version was not loaded at launch.
      • The words "show details" missing from "+" on folder view pages. Fixed.
      • "show details" and "+" missing from folder view pages when owner is looking at their own folders. Fixed.
      • We're working on all of them. If you are coming to this thread to report one of these bugs, thank you, but there is not need. We are already aware of these. Please let us know if you are experiencing anything new.
  2. josh, thank-you for your hard work
  3. Multiple bugs have been fixed as of this morning. Please check list above.
  4. tdj


    Hey Josh,

    I like the new look...I'm easy, what can I say! Kidding aside, I don't have any problems with tech issues, great on Firefox.

  5. New changes a very useful and enhance the site. Thanks for all the hard work to Josh and his team!
  6. A big hand to all concerned looks great reacts fast ,,and is much better and easier to navigate .....only thing I dislike is the location and size of the newest images posted photo ...Seems like it would catch more attention if a little larger and located more to the top ...just my 2 cents for what its worth ..well done all ..
  7. Josh,
    The new look is great... many thanks to you and the programmers who have accomplished this. Well done. Now you should
    take some time off and go fishing.
  8. Nice work Josh.Thanks for all explanations and fast correction of bugs.

    I wondered , with all the nice changes, there is a language barriers with some of the comments that are not written in English( many in Italian, Spanish etc.). Is there a possibility to add a translator?... I know that your hands are full with work, but I'm curious if it will be a possibility. Thanks
  9. We're an english-based website. No offense to our foreign based members. But it's hard enough for us to keep this place running in a straight line in english. I do not think that we will be supporting the use of other languages. It would be virtually impossible to moderate, oversee, or answer questions in multiple languages.
  10. Looks good...but the links in the forum view look like 14pt bold, could they be less large to reduce visual clutter? I'm using firefox 2 and 3 on windows and linux, don't have any custom font settings or such.
  11. Thanks Josh for your fast answer and reasons.
  12. I can't find this one, but is the "+ show more active forum threads" supposed to do anything? For a couple of days now I have tried clicking on the plus or the text and it looks active, but nothing happens. This is no rush priority to be sure, but thought you'd want to know.
  13. Oh, also thanks.. This and other features will be most useful when all settles down. I like the idea of being able to track still active forums.
  14. JDM,

    You might want to try clearing your cache. It sounds like your browser is not using the correct javascript files. Or, you could have javascript turned off or blocked. The "more active forum threads" should increase to 8 threads when you click that.
  15. Hello Josh and to all the hard-working designers,

    Everything I noticed last night has been fixed. I must say after reading through that last thread - I would not want your job/s of trying to please so many people who know nothing of web design such as myself. So thank you for working on the bugs and in general trying to revamp That being said...the only thing I am not too keen on is the new background colour. It does not seem to compliment b&ws or colour pix. Is my observation completely solitary and totally unfounded? J
  16. Josh, it's been a couple days since the recent changes to the site and I still don't see any trace of the Leica / Rangefinder forum. Has it been removed permanently or is it being worked on?
  17. If you "don't see any trace of the Leica / Rangefinder forum" then I have to say you aren't looking very hard.

    The leica/rangefinder forum hasn't been removed. The forum URL's changed a while back, perhaps you are using an old bookmark that is not forwarding correctly (though all my old bookmarks are forwarding fine for me). In any case, you can always reach it via the drop-down menu under the "forums" tab, where it is still listed. Or you can reach it from the main forum list page where it is still listed. Or you could look for the Leica/RF threads in the Unified forum view

    Or you can just go here:
  18. Thanks for the prompt reply Josh. This is very weird, the direct link to the Leica forum at the bottom of your message works fine, but I still don't see it in the community link. Am running Firefox3, but IE also shows the same thing. Will try to attach a screen capture to show what I'm talking about. Can't imagine what's causing this filtering of only one forum but did see mention of another person (Marc Bergman) having the same difficulty. [​IMG]
  19. Ahhhh!

    I see I was misinformed. It does appear that the Leica Forum got left off that page for some reason. My apologies, I'll get it fixed.

    But it is still on the 'forums" dropdown. And of course the direct link works.
  20. I don't get red underlines for misspelled words in the subject line when posting, in the answer box I do.

    My browser?

  21. Thank you very much Josh, for your kind-early response to my problem, and thank you very much for all your hard working. best wishes. Nima
  22. I'm not very fond of the new individual forum pages. It looks way more cluttered than the old style, too close to the left edge of the page, and the bold font makes it harder to scan through the thread titles.
    I took the liberty to sketch a cleaner layout (in my opinion):
    On a technical sidenote, why is your developer using a .gif for the list bullet when all modern browsers provide it via CSS?
  23. I was trying to find the new max size of inline images. IIRC, it's now something like 711 pixels. The FAQ still says 512 pixels...
    If you enter a caption and the filename has an extension recognized as an image (.JPG or .GIF), it will be displayed at the top of the posting, and if it is small enough, it will be displayed in-line. If it is too big, there will just be a link. What is "too big"? 512 pixels or more in width.
    Wasn't it increased a couple of weeks ago?

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