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  1. Okie..pardon me if my questions seem repeated or too obvious to be told again! But I'd appreciate if you can help me with my set of queries.
    1) I have my own domain, I'd like to host my portfolio in that space. I was looking at a pre-designed flash template that I can use in my domain. ( seemed like a good option. I'd like o understand the pros and cons of using something like this.
    2) If am looking at designing my own website, how exactly do I go about it. Is it user-friendly enough for someone like me(have no clue bout coding/html, java scripts,etc) to learn over the web and execute? And what is the usual size/resolution and format that my images need to be in for putting on the web.
    Thanks for the help.
  2. Sowmya,
    About designing your own website, while you don't know about html/css, JavaScripts is depends on interests and time devotion on new things. In similar situation, I would have been opt for a web designer but at least I should have been able to modify many things including templates, some addition-alteration etc. etc. For me, I would be more giving time on my photography or Photo Post Processing etc.
    Generally, I use 800px wide images for my own and if I want to discuss on technical aspects of the photos on photo sharing site but my clients whose website I built mainly wants it around 500-600 pixel wide at most. Resolution around 72 to 90 dpi works very well.
  3. Thanks Rakesh.
    I guess I will be using a flash template (until I can afford a web designer!) so for now I guess I'll have to live with what they have to offer. And whats your opinion between using flash against html. Thanks for the info.
  4. Thanks Rakesh.
    I guess I will be using a flash template (until I can afford a web designer!) so for now I guess I'll have to live with what they have to offer. And whats your opinion between using flash against html. Thanks for the info.
  5. Few differences between flash/html:
    1. Flash images not going to be copied and misused. I don't know how much it affects.
    2. Flashy slideshows looks good to eyes if created nicely.
    3. HTML/CSS based gallery can contain JPG and accompanied text which in result can be a good tool for search engine indexing. A properly build site can attract more visitors by making proper use of SEO tools.
    4. HTML/CSS based websites are easy to edit by owner. There are many open source software like Xoops, Drupal and Joomla and you should consider these type of platform to develop your website.
    5. If you plan to add comment section for your photos and want to provide much textual details, you should go for html/css version.
    In overall, it is all metter of taste and personal requirement.
    Let me know if you want more details.
  6. When it comes to Flash vs HTML, I opted for HTML templates (for Lightroom) for my website. To start with I had Flash, which looked nicer, but it is not indexed by search engines, and it's not viewable on iPhones and iPod Touch.
    For those who want to copy your images, that is easy whether it's HTML or Flash, so once you put your images online, there's simply no use worrying about that.
  7. Flash can look great, but the transitions and fancy effects don't necessary lead to conversions. A Wordpress site will be indexed by the search engines much better and is easily modified/customized by anyone. I highly recommend a Wordpress site over Flash.
  8. I second Kyle on that,
    I have a flash wedsite that gives me no ranking on the web what so ever, I'm moving on to a new HTML/CSS probably a wordpress that also embed the bolg on it.
    I want to be found not only look fancy.
    Wordpress has a decent choice of templates to be customized by you if you have the time.
    Have Fun!
  9. Rakesh, you are wonrg about the flash images being copied or misused. There are a couple of ways to do it. First, someone could take a screenshot then upload the image themselves. Or, they can watch what http requests are made by their browser and figure out the URL to the image. Neither approach is all that difficult.
  10. I faced a similar dilemma a few weeks ago. I opted to go for the Portfoliositez template which works out at approx $120 per year. The sites are pretty good but what sold them to me was their customer service support which appeared to be excellent. Having contacted them a few times, they have lived up to expectations, I can't fault them. I live in England but the time difference doesn't matter, everything gets resolved within 24hrs!
    Their sites are Flash based but also have a HTML mirror, so you get the best of both worlds. I have since hired a SEO company to do some additional work to the site as I want it to be as Google friendly as possible so this has cost a few hundred pounds but still worth it. I can still add pics, text, change colours, etc so I'm pretty happy so far.
    Have a look at my site if you aren't familiar with Portfoliositez.
  11. Thanks all for your input.
    I'm quite convinced at this point of time to go ahead and use wordpress and link it to my domain. I'd see how that goes for a while and take a call. Thanks again.

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