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  1. I have the task of creating a WEB slide show of 12 individual images of a 3-D piece of art. Each shot shows the object rotated by about 30 degrees. I need to create the slide show so that the object appears to rotate as seamlessly as possible, and it needs to loop, so that show runs continuously.
    It appears that Windows Movie Maker will create the slide show, but does not (that I can find) allow the looping. Same for PhotoShop Elements 5.
    Is there any way to get either of the above programs to loop the slide show? This is a one-off project and I don't want to buy any more software if I can help it. If not, can someone recommend a software program that will create a Web slide show that will loop continuously? Free is good.
  2. It might be easier to make it into a .GIF animation. I haven't used this in awhile, so I can't recommend a modern software. I think I used JASC Animation Shop years ago. I think Corel owns this software now.
    You just post the image onto the webpage like any other, and it animates itself. If you'll notice, alot of the adverts on webpages today are still made to animate by using GIF animation.
    Another solution might be to use a Java mouseover script. You might search the internet for the exact implementation of this effect, but you would just wave the mouse over the image and it would automatically cycle through the 12 images in the order you want, and there are modifiers to adjust the time delay and loop, too.
    These are both techniques that web developers used 15 years ago. I'm not too savvy with newer techniques like Flash programs.
  3. I don't know the Windows side, but it's hard to imagine that a slideshow program wouldn't somewhere have in its options a "repeat" function. Adobe Bridge has the slide show under View>Slideshow and the same menu has View>Slideshow Options.
    Most of the gif players and such things as Quicktime also have repeat options
  4. You don't want to use GIFs, even though it supports animation, the format supports only 256 colors, which is terrible for photos.

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