Could information fields be added to the critique page?

Discussion in ' Site Help' started by livvie, Oct 25, 2003.

  1. I have noticed when requesting critique, that comments made via the
    critique photo's section often loose value because they are made in
    absence of any information.

    It's so good to get comments, and it seems a shame that those who take
    the time to offer them dont always have the relevant information about
    the shot to hand. (eg in recent very colour manipulated thistledown

    Could the technical info field could be incorporated into the design
    giving an opportunity to inform viewers of anything pertinent to that
    shot - taken with digi or film could also be mentioned here which
    might avoid those cliched photoshop suggestions to the purists!

    BTW did the research and couldnt find any recent pertinant answers why
    this not possible.
  2. Before you can get anything changed in the critique forum, you'll have to get past certain egos. Good luck.


    If it's worth anything, I think this is a good idea. If the statement could also be included, that would be great. It would give context to the image and would allow me to write "Please leave feedback" as it is obvious you are unwilling to fix an imperfect system.
  3. Before you can get answers you'll have to read half-assed comments from freeloaders like Kearney.
  4. It's a good idea that Liv offers. I back it 100%.
  5. brian/bob - a reply might be nice before this drops into the abyss
  6. I can't really comment. It sounds possible, but Brian is pretty busy with programing for the site as well as his other admin chores and I don't know where something like this would come on his priority list.

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