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  1. I am wanting to use my kids name for my business but then I want to include what I love capturing such as Children and pets. So I can't decide if I can come up with anything that goes with my kids name OR including things that I love taking pictures of.
    Anyone have good suggestions?

    My kids name is Temperance and Shawn ....
    I thought of Purrs&Giggles .... but sounds kinda corny. lol
    Any help?
  2. Copyright:
    what you probably need is more
  3. When you choose a company name, be thinking about the fact that your tastes, aspirations, chosen subjects, or likely market not only may, but likely will change over time. Sometimes much faster than you might expect.

    Let's say that you find yourself good at shooting engaging portraits, and you're asked to do some headshots of the board of directors for a local company. Can you hear the receptionist, now? "Mr. Smith, can you please go to the conference room? Purrs & Giggles is set up there to get those photos for our annual report."

    You get the idea. Better to form a company with a name that doesn't quickly lose its attempt a novelty, and which lends itself to all sorts of other activities, as you grow. That doesn't mean you can't hand out cards featuring a division of your company, or a product line, or a web site that uses a topical name related to a specific genre. Just remember not to paint yourself into a corner, name-wise.

    And, read what Professor JDMvW has mentioned. The first rule of dealing with intellectual property matters (like trademarks and copyrights) is to understand what they are, and what the each are not.
  4. You are better off using your name - Mary Smith Photography - show your specialties on your business card/website....just sounds more professional all around.
  5. Ok, thanks all! After reading the sites that JDMvW have mentioned, I understand. Thank you :)

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