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Discussion in 'Nikon' started by ideal_pet, Aug 25, 2007.

  1. Hello to everybody.

    For some reason and without any warning, the screen of my Coolpix 5700 turned
    black. Everything else is normal. The menu is OK, all the indicators are here,
    exactly as usual... The only odd thing is the black screen. It was very sudden.
    One second I was happily shooting, the next I had this black screen.

    And yes, I have removed the lens cap. :)

    I thought that I could reset everything to factory defaults, but I am not sure
    that it would help... And how do you do this, anyway?

    If somebody has an idea about what happened and what to do about it...

    Thank you very much

  2. Sounds like it is broken rather than a setting issue. Nikon offers free tech support 24/7 (1-800-645-6689) and you can send the camera in for a free estimate on the repair if they cannot resolve your issue over the phone.

    As you can buy these cameras are available in the $200 range and repairs are usually expensive, you may want to replace it with another one rather than repair it or upgrade.

    Nikon does have some extended warranties on certain cameras and certain issues (I had my 5400 fixed for free several years after I bought it). Maybe you will get lucky.
  3. You should do a little test - check to see if you can preview images in playback mode through the lcd. If you can see your images then most likely the shutter in the lens is bad and a new lens will have to be put in or the old one repaired. The other test you could do is hook up the camera to a tv (if it lets you do this with an a/v cable) if you see an image then the lcd is bad. Nothing you can do about it either way, unless you accidentally turned the display off then you either have a bad lens/ccd or a bad lcd.
    good luck
  4. Your Nikon 5700 should be repaired for free. See this page:
  5. It sounds like your 5700 is experiencing a known defect that is the subject of a Nikon recall.
    You should contact Nikon for repair.
  6. Hi, mine too, prospective image suddenly went black, stored images and menus all ok in LCD and viewfinder. Thanks for all info in thred, have read recall notice and contacted Nikon.
  7. September 11th, 2007
    (Something about the date...)

    RE: The Nikon 5700 Coolpix "Black Screen" Problem:

    I thought it was due to me and my practice of mistreating small animals and arcane digital equipment, but after reading this thread in the photo,net forums, I'm relieved to find out that IT WASN'T ME (if one can be perverse enough to find comfort in the fact that other people are experiencing the same problem as oneself).

    I initially noticed this dilemma about a week ago, but chalked it up to an inability to operate sophisticated equipment due to ingestion of mass quantities of beer, but, yesterday, after a controlled sobriety test extending over thirty minutes where I fiddled with every conceivable combination of button presses and switch positions, I had no other recourse than to come to the conclusion that, again, IT WASN'T ME! Apparently Osama Bin Laden was alive and well, quietly employed in a Nikon factory and programming Nikon 5700 ROM chips with the KABLOOIE MACHINE CODE LINE so that our coveted little electronic trinkets would all drop dead at a moment's notice! May that rotten bastard burn in photographic hell...

    Due to recent economic constraints on my life I was almost ready to sell my Canon EOS 35mmm film camera system. Now, I'm not so sure, and I'm even considering taking alternative action one step further by making a pinhole camera. I ask you, how fool-proof would THAT be?

    I haven't read all the posts on this subject yet, but as soon as I'm finished chewing on my Mattel toy I'm gonna find out if this problem can be handled for me by Nikon at little or no expense. If so, I shall once more step outside into the bright sunlight with my gizmo in hand, happily clicking the shutter in order to commit random acts of image capture!

    Thanks be to, and all who commune... ---ukrainian.

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