Convert C-mount to µ4/3?

Discussion in 'Olympus' started by rdm, Jan 14, 2011.

  1. rdm


    I am just curious if anyone out there has had an old legacy lens, like a c mount, converted to µ4/3., rather than just using an adapter? Also what are the shops or technicians that you know of that offer that type of work?
  2. SCL


    He's expensive but if it's doable, he can probably do it ($$$): Ken Ruth - Photography on Bald Mountain.
  3. C to m4/3 adapter can be had for 30 USD or so. It should be way cheaper and safer even to buy an adapter for each C mount lens than to ask someone to convert the lens. So, why bother?
    Of course, there is so-called 37mm-barrel-diameter restriction for infinity focus using this kind of adapter, but many C mount lenses out there will clear that restiction. So, again, why bother?
  4. rdm


    I had this whole long response to everything written out but, I decided I would just saved it to a text file, and instead just say Thanks Steven, Ken's site is very helpful.
  5. what's wrong with using an adaptor? its just a removable version of converting it.
  6. rdm


    Vignetting for starters.

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