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  1. I should soon get the first Leica bag I shall have in twenty-seven years of owning Leica cameras. Black leather, looks to be in good shape, cost only $80. On the box is "Large Combination Bag M" and its product code is 14842. It should not be difficult to understand what goes where in it, but I shall welcome help from those who have used this bag. To prevent confusion I have numbered the compartments in the photo.
  2. Mukul, the dividers you see in the bag are removable so that you can alter the configuration to fit your equipment requirements. My bag is divided so that the body is centered for balance and to keep it away from ends where it could be damamged if banged hard. So far that seems to work.
  3. Thank you, Christopher. I had imagined that they were fixed in place. Tell me, please, can the bag comfortably hold two M bodies with three lenses -- 35mm, 50mm and 90mm -- and a large exposure meter? I have no idea of its length and width, and Google is for once not helpful.
  4. I found this other photo at a seller's web site, where the bag is described as 30cm by 15cm. Putting a body and lenses into a somewhat smaller bag gave me a fair idea of capacity. In the smaller bags, a camera is best kept with no lens mounted: saving space at the cost of readiness.
  5. Mukul,

    Just a thought... I have a small shoulder/messenger style bag in which I always carry two cameras with attached lenses, usually an M9 with attached lens and hood, and an equally large digital mirrorless camera, generally with an old manual focus Zeiss 90 attached. I find that having both camera bodies ready for use, even if I have to quickly put one that I'm carrying back into the bag quickly to extract the second, very useful and enjoyable. I have enough space under the bodies to carry two extra well padded lenses. The dividers have Velcro and are easy to reset as required. My bag is roughly the same dimensions as you state above. Hope this helps. Enjoy.
  6. "I have enough space under the bodies to carry two extra well padded lenses." An excellent idea, Joe, and an obvious one which I have not so far seen. It has not occurred to me to carry my equipment in multiple layers. This is although each lens not on a camera body is in its case. Thank you.
  7. Mukul, Leica describe this bag as being approx. 25x14x19cm externally.
    It was designed to hold 1 M6 with or without winder, with lens attached and up to 4 other lenses.
    It came with a 2 coupling rings (part No. 14 838) to each hold 2 lenses together, back to back. It has an adjustable leather shoulder strap and zippered front pocket for accessories.
  8. Thank you, Colin. These dimensions give me a better idea of the bag's holding capacity. I do not think I shall get a "coupling ring" as none was mentioned in the advertisement to which I responded. They can of course be bought separately.
  9. Mukul, I'm not sure if these coupling rings remain in the current Leica catalogue.
    I can tell you though, I have had 100% satisfaction with my Zeiss 645 lenses, by epoxying 2 rear lenscaps together. In fact, the drawback with the Leica design is that the coupling ring is hollow meaning that if one lens is removed, it leaves the rear of the other open to dust,etc. One can of course, fit a body cap in it's place which only goes to highlight the design flaw.
    With the design of the Leica R coupling rings, these do have a solid centre.
  10. Colin, I shall glue together two rear caps if it turns out that the bag can hold two lenses attached back-to-back. It may work for the 35mm and 50mm lenses. Rear caps can also be "twinned" with duct tape.
  11. Mukul, I recommend against duct taping the back caps together. Epoxy is much safer.
    I also add a 6mm screw, 2 washers and a nut. (Assuming that no parts of the back glass of the lens contacts the screw)
  12. Thank you, Jerry. Clearly you want a bond as strong as you can make it. Duct tape occurred to me because it can be removed relatively easily if two back caps joined together do not suit my way of working. I agree that duct tape is not a good solution for the long term.
  13. Anyone still following this? I got the bag yesterday, and the dividers appear to be glued in place as in the first photo. I assume that a previous owner did this.

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