Close-ups with the 70-200 f/2.8 EDIF VR Nikkor.

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by alex_lofquist, Jan 17, 2007.

  1. The closest focussing of this lens is 1.5 meters, or about 5 feet. I am
    considering a 500D lens to shoot at closer than 0.5 meters, but this leaves a
    wide inaccessable region between. Is there any achromat (2-element) lens of
    about 1 Diopter which will fit the 77mm lens diameter, or is a 25mm extension
    tube the only way to get close-ups at this magnification with this lens. (I
    want to use my 70-200 because of its VR capability, rather than fool around
    with my other lenses.)
  2. Hi, Alex, why not consider a good Nikkor macro?
  3. I second Juan's opinion. The VR is of virtually no help with macro or near macro shots, IMHO. Nor is auto focus. If you're looking for a dedicated close-up lens, the manual focus 200/f4 is still hard to beat.

  4. I have gotten great macro results with the Canon 500D diopter on the earlier Nikon
    80-200mm f/2.8 zooms. Have you looked at the Canon 250D as well?
  5. I agree with E Vener. The 500D works exceptionally well on this lens. I own several Nikon dedicated macro lenses, but if I am travelling light and wish macro capability, throwing the diopter in my vest pocket is an easy way to go.

    I have never used the 250 D
  6. I have the 80-200mm AF-S and used the Canon 500D a few years back. I couldn't get satisfactory results with it. In the end, I just made space for the 105mm. Maybe the 70-200mm is different?
  7. I have both the 60mm and 105mm Micro Nikkors (non VR) but I was hoping to lessen the weight I was carrying around without sacrificing too much quality. Perhaps I ought to look into what Edmund Scientific has these days, they used to have quite a selection of lenses available, inexpensively.
  8. Just to clarify my reply above, I am currently using the 500D on the 70-200 and I used to use it on my older 80-200. Got great results with both lenses.

    No question my 200mm and 105mm macro yield stunning results, but the diopter sure works great in a pinch when I can't (or don't want to) carry the macro lenses. The diopter actually works better with the digital bodies because of the crop factor. The only knock I ever had using the 500D/80-200 on my F5 was that occasionally I saw a bit of softness at the edges. Not so with the D2X.
  9. You can do better with long lenses using extension tubes. There is no noticeable loss of quality.
  10. I have gotten excellent results from an older (push-pull) AFD 80-200 and a
    Canon 500D. I have gotten excellent results from this lens and a TC14 (B,E)
    and the 500D.

    I also use the TC's (either the "B" or the "E", as I find AF for
    close up or macro work not useful) with the AFS 300/4 with the 500D.
    To get even closer with the 300/4 I have added a 52mm (PN11)
    tube onto this configuration and this combination gets me
    nearly-as-good-as-excellent images.

    I find the 180/2.8 with the PN11, with or without the 500D (you'll
    need a step-up ring) useful as well. This rig is a bit less good for close up
    than the 80-200 or 300 but it's very good indeed.

    Keep in mind though, the more stuff you stick onto your camera
    before the lens, or after the lens, the less well-balanced and stable the
    kit is going to be.

    You will have to rethink your support system as you add
    doodads to your camera/lens combination. For example, since I do not have
    a tripod head system capable of handling way out of shape configurations,
    I often take the rig off the tripod and place it onto something,
    and then onto my folded up jacket. Sometimes you have to jury-rig a solution.

    Of course, there are dedicated macro lenses which are even better than
    the cominations listed above. I can speak of the 105/2.8M which is certainly
    a fine lens which produces outstanding results. The 60mm (90mm effect)
    on a DSLR is probably a good bet, but I have no experience with this lens.

    The 200mm macro (another lens praised by its users) is also likely
    a fine lens, but again, I have no experience with this optic.

    Good luck.
  11. I've gotten excellent results with the Nikkor 70-200mm and the Nikon 5T and 6T close-up lenses. I happen to have an extra 5T for sale for $50.

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