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  1. The recent post by Michael Smith inspired me. Why not post photos of other classics taken with a classic camera (in this case a classic 1953 Raleigh bicycle taken with a 1959 Leica M3 and 1930 Leitz Elmar)? Anyone else have photos of "classics taken by a classic (camera)? Please post 'em.
  2. Here's one I did nearly 3 years ago with a Minolta Autocord. You can see more of the same here:
  3. A Triumph TR4 done with a Yashica C TLR (a lens hood would've helped) and poor scan quality too!
  4. A collection of 60's Sears Motorcycles taken with a 60's Sears Tower 41 camera:
    Studebaker nose taken with a Ricoh Diacord L:
  5. Taken with Yashica 635
  6. [​IMG]
    Farmall taken with an Argus C3 Matchmatic
  7. Hi LM! They still make those Enfield Bikes 350cc and 550cc in Madras. They are also exported to the UK. Sturdy life-time investments! sp.
  8. Forgive me for being
    • so concentrated on cameras
    • for using my own definition of "classic"
    but here is a picture of one camera I consider to be classic - certainly in its influence on other, better known cameras, the Pentacon 6TL (including in the classic moniker its direct ancestors)
    taken with a modern film camera that I do consider a classic of its kind, the Canon EOS 630
  9. JDM,
    No apologies needed, as far as I am concerned. Can you share any images from that magnificent beast (the Pentacon, that is)?
  10. Actually, I am planning a new post (hence the picture above) but haven't got to it yet.
    Here is a post done earlier, however, on the camera and the Sonnar 180mm f/2.8 in front.
    The pictures used to display on line, but now do not because the site got retroactively "stricter" on the 700 pixel rule (used to be enforced only on horizontal dimension).
  11. good concept, L Mar. here are my submissions...
  12. The tractor above was shot with a T3. The car below was shot with a RE Super.
  13. And this shot of vintage Soviet gear was shot using vintage Soviet gear...
  14. Capital Q --- what Soviet camera did you use to shoot the Zenit & Zorki with?
    (and here is another --- a 1920's Westfield/Columbia "ballooner" taken with a Voigtlander Vito II)
  15. Praktica MTL3 : 135mm SMC Takumar f/3.5
  16. Yet another TR4 shot with a Yashica TLR—what are the odds of that? The Triumph was my first car, and the Yashia Mat LM was my first decent camera.
  17. L Mar - I shot the communist gear with a Zenit 3M.
  18. One of the most "classic" cars in France, the Citroen CV2 pictured via a Pentax Spotmatic SPII with its 50mm f/1.4 lens:
  19. Rickenbacker guitar shot with a Mamiya C330f
  20. [​IMG]
    Olympus Trip 35/APX100/Diafine

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