Classic Manual Camera Weekend for March 3

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  1. As it is already Friday,March 3 in some time zones we'll get started. Not sure if I have time to post three photos as Firefox is slower than usual this morning. If everyone who has had sluggish performance could bill Firefox for their wasted time, I don't think they could continue to operate. But, on to the photos. I have some from a roll of Eastman 5222 that I shot in my Minolta XE with Celtic 28mm f2.8. The first image with no filter, but others with a yellow (K2). Looking forward to seeing everyone's images.


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  2. Natchez, Mississippi USA at night. Nikon FM2n, Zeiss Milvus 1.4/50, FP4+. 2016 ab&w 24 (f32).jpg
  3. Rosalie, Natchez. FM2n, Zeiss2/25, medium yellow filter, FP4+.. 2016 ab&w 24 f 023.jpg
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  4. Fog on Mississippi River. FM2n, Milvus 50, medium yellow filter, FP4+. 2016 ab&w 24 f 012.jpg
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  5. The first nice day of the winter brought all of the walkers out to the park. Rolleiflex Automat K4/50 with Ektar 100, three frame pano. I didn't use a Rolleifix (won't fit on the K4/50) and didn't offset the rotation to place it under the lens board, and I didn't use a current version of Photoshop, so the merge is a bit crude.

  6. Hello everyone. As usual, my sunday morning was spent at the local Kailua Town Farmers Market. Food & Film ! One of this weeks vendors was a high school friend and his two brothers and their collection of family Poi Pounding implements, some very old. A young visitor to the market became enchanted with a hat and then asked if he could try the poi produced. Below is a series from that "interesting" generational interaction. Enjoy, Aloha, Bill 2k17-020-022 ces3 bc.jpg
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  7. While one brother makes hats, the other mashes the Kalo (taro root) into Poi. 2k17-020-023 ces5 bc.jpg
  8. He now has the hat, but is still curious. 2k17-020-026 ces5 bc.jpg
  9. Judgement is rendered ! 2k17-020-025 ces5 bc.jpg
  10. Tools of the trade from the brothers Ohana (family) 2k17-020-029 ces5 bc.jpg collection. Aloha, Bill
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  11. m42dave

    m42dave Dave E.

    Taken with Zenit Automat, CZJ Tessar 50/2.8, Fujicolor 100.<br><br>
    Flowers, Zenit Automat CZJ Tessar 50 2.8.jpg
  12. Here are three from the Mamiya 645 1000s, lenses noted. I may have some more later in the weekend, as the weather looks promising. Film was Arista EDU Ultra 1000 developed in PMK Pyro. <BR><BR>

    80mm Mamiya-Sekor C f/2.8<BR><BR>
    Honda Pnet.jpg <BR><BR>

    55mm Mamiya-Sekor C f/2.<BR><BR>

    Attic Pnet.jpg

    80mm Mamiya-Sekor C f/2.8<BR><BR>

    Grille Pnet.jpg <BR><BR>

  13. circa 1959, part of largest aboriginal rock art site in Kansas


    Heiland Pentax H2, 55mm Takumar, Plus-X​
  14. Here are a couple from last week with the Canonet QL17 GIII Delta 100 in HC110
    Canonet QL17 GIII Delta 100 golf tractor.jpg

    Golf tractor
  15. Canonet QL17 GIII Delta 100 fence.jpg

    Fence and hydrant
  16. How Low can you go. HP5/FM2n How Low can you Go.....jpg
  17. Canon TX 50mm 2.0 , Arista Edu 100 , V700

  18. Canon TX 50mm 2.0 , Arista Edu 100 , V700
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  19. Canon TX 50mm 2.0 , Arista Edu 100 , V700
  20. Great beginning to the weekend, everyone. I'm hoping to post from a different computer next time so it doesn't take me 20+ minutes to upload two images. Looking forward to seeing more images.

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