Choosing a 32" inch 4K monitor

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  1. I have a 23" inch Eizo screen, Full HD, Foris2331. Very good since 2012.

    My PC configuration is :
    Processor: intel i5-2500k, 3.3 GHZ, 64 bits, RAM 8GO
    Mother board : ASUS P8z68-V, i3-5-7, DDR3
    Graphic board Nividia Gt 1030

    It all worls absolutely perfectly, never had any problem of any kind since 2012.

    Recently I saw a 32" 4K monitor and I thought WOW, what a big difference!

    So, looking at the various options I came across these monitors:

    - DELL U3219Q (1.000€)
    - LG 32950-W (1.250€), difficult to find in a local shop (Amazon has it, but if problems? Don't want to be bothered with returns)
    - ASUS PA 329C (1200€)
    - BENQ SW 312C (1.800€)

    Budget is not really a big deal.

    IMPORTANT: I DO NOT PRINT, just watching nice pictures on a much bigger screen

    Which of those monitors would you recommend and could I keep my actual PC configuration? I guess not?

    Thank you so much for your time and expertise.
  2. A GT1030 should be able to power a 4K display over a DisplayPort cable. I don’t know the LG or Benq options but I’ve never been let down by a Dell U series of Asus PA.
  3. There is no displayport cable but a DVI and HDMI
  4. I thought that generation of Geforce came with DisplayPort. You can look this up but I don’t think it will be able to do 4k over hdmi or dvi. You might need a new video card.

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