Change info in a NEF file?

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  1. Hi.
    I borrowed a camera from a friend and I got a really good photo shot in NEF.
    When I was viewing the EXIF info it says his name as the artist.
    Can I change that with some kind of application?
  2. Some metadata editors will let you change most fields. I haven't tried it with Lightroom, but PhotoME will let you edit or alter almost any field. However I don't know whether this works with camera raw files like Nikon NEFs - I've tried it only with JPEGs. PhotoME is free to try.
    There are other methods for editing or altering metadata but they're a bit more convoluted. For example, you can open an existing photo with the desired metadata in a viewer/editor like Irfanview. Then paste the photo you want on top. Save it as a TIFF, JPEG or PNG. The metadata for the old photo now becomes the metadata for the new photo. But that won't alter the original NEF or camera raw file.
  3. Lightroom 5 allows you to change the
    copyright and creator fields... Library
    view, in the right hand menu.
  4. Metadata of NEF files can be changed in Adobe Bridge, including the fields you mention.
  5. Noreen +1
    Open the folder the file is in, in Bridge™, get to the Metadata tab and you can put in new copyright data, etc. too.
  6. Wow that was almost to easy. I was in a way hoping it would be harder. I changed it in a few minutes in Lightroom (After I downloaded it).
    So this means that anyone can change it any time. But I guess anything is possible if one really wants to cheat.
    But thank you very much for all your help. The most important was that it contains my name and not the guys.
  7. So this means that anyone can change it any time.​
    There are ways to embed harder-to-change information and watermarks, etc.; but in the end, if someone wants to work hard enough, there is no way to make any image absolutely secure from appropriation...
    Your best protection may be to use small-size images like those that post in line here on, but there are even ways around that.
  8. I do not have Lightroom. I am using PS CS6. So when I go to the Exif folder (of a Nef file) that is opened in PS CS6 I am not able to change everything.
    I can, however, easily alter any data in the Description (like Author), ITPC, and ITCP Extension). Camera data, etc can not be changed.
    Nice tip.

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