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Discussion in ' Site Help' started by mário m. rodrigues, Mar 9, 2006.

  1. the choice of category on the TRP view is unavailable. Temporary
    problem or permanent?
  2. I turned it off temporarily to see if that is what is causing things to be slow. I'm not sure what I'll do it the answer is yes, though.
  3. The last few weeks have been very slow but site performance is certainly much better now.
  4. It does seem to have gotten faster, my internet acsess is not the best to evaluate it (3G Wireless PC-Card).But I would say it did get faster.
  5. I hope that if the category view is responsible for making things slow you can find a way to fix it and keep it (I think it was a good improvement). But I can now say for sure that I am getting a much faster navigation and some problems I had with thumbnails not showing unless I reloaded are gone. If its of any use I am using FF 1.5 with fasterfox extension.
  6. It does seem a lot faster. I delayed a long time implementing that because I was afraid that the database couldn't handle it. When I finally implemented it, I tried to limit the number of additional combinations. The categories (other than "All") could only be ranked by "Average". However, all the Periods were still available.
  7. Perhaps just limit it to the past 3 days? Thats the most usefull one anyway as it really helps determine how your photo ranks within the same category when you put in a request. Grouping childs portraits with nudes isn't very helpfull. Nudes will always be ranked higher, duh :)

    The category feature was very nice. I hope you find a work around.
  8. Would it not be better to just stop doing this on a continuous basis.

    Recompute the list of images for each option once a day or a week or a month.

    Instead of recomputing everytime someone requests a view.
  9. Wasn't there some discussion a while back about culling old photos from the database that wouldn't show up on any search? It isn't the number of variables that's the problem. It's the size of the database. I wonder how many photos have fewer than 10 rates, average lower than 5/5, posted by a non-subscriber who has been inactive for over a year. (Yeah, I know, that search alone will bring everything to a screaming halt, but I'll bet the percent of the total is quite large.)
  10. I must say that when I saw the category section I was very happy. In my opinion it brought this sites fuctionality up to a par with my other favourite photo sites. Please dont remove it permanently, it saves me so much time... on this site and elsewhere...
  11. Good luck with restoring this feature. It was, in my opininion, one of the best improvements
    ever made on this site although I'm sure it must involve quite a lot of number crunching.
  12. The ability to view TRP by catagory was the best improvement I've seen to the site and I loved viewing photos with this method. Brian, I hope you can keep it running.
  13. One can still do a category search using the "browse" feature on the main critique requests page. Not quite as good, but it works.
  14. Its obvious that the category views in TRP were really slowing down the site. They didn't seem to at first, but it crept up on me. Turning it off has definitely accelerated things. I'd like to bring the category views back, but it will probably take me a few days to figure out a form of the feature that will give people what they want without being so much of a drag on the database.
  15. Brian,<br>
    Instead of allowing us to choose the category from the TRP page, couldn't it be easier (or faster or simpler) to add sub-menus appearing thanks to a mouseover on the text 'Top Photos' (exactly like 'Top Photos' appears with a mouseover on 'Gallery')?
  16. I'll bet if you let people search on every category except "nudes" that would solve your problems.

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