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  1. Hey all! I am currently interning at a car shop that wants some behind the scene shots. I am currently shooting with my Nikon D3200, and my 18-50mm lens. I'm having trouble with getting rid of the grain. I have bumped my ISO up to 800-1600, with an f-stop of 4.5, and I think a shutter of 1/30 to 1/60.

    Could it be my lens? Should I bump up to my 70-200mm? Or should I opt for a body change, like a D800 or D7100.

  2. There's no "grain" with a digital camera, it's noise.

    A camera like the D3200 should deliver pretty clean shots at 800 or 1600 ISO.

    A quick and cheap fix would be to use a tripod or monopod that would allow longer exposure times and a lower ISO setting.

    Upgrading to a D800 is a bit of a drastically expensive move.
  3. buying the 70-200mm would not solve the problem. although the lens is from 1 to 2 stop faster it's longer and needs higher shutter speed.
  4. Another option - noise reduction software. Google acquired Nik software and then made it available free. It can be found here:
    Google Nik Collection

    The noise reduction part of the software set is called Dfine, and it does a pretty good job of reducing image noise. It's certainly worth a try since it's free.
  5. If You want to stay in 1/60ish, f4.5, but lower iso, then a flash might help. Old SB-800 is nice, SB-600 is slightly smaller and then there is new SB-910.
  6. Photography is all about light. Personally, if you are shooting 1/30"+ f4.5 @ 1600 ISO, you don`t have too much light.
    Buying new gear? It doesn`t add more light. It improves performance and/or features, but not the light you have. And only you know if your shooting session is worth the money you plan to spend.
    If you can shoot at 1/30", it makes me think that they are static subjects; maybe you can extend it by 7-8 stops using a tripod.
    A small flash unit could help you a bit, depending on what you are looking for.
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