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  1. I am not a professional just a hobbyist still learning (actually, learning a LOT here at Photo Net) and my workflow is simple. I use View NX2, Capture NX2, Nik Collection (stand alone) to edit my photos as in a darkroom and sometimes Photoshop Elements 12 to pixel edits and rarely to work with layers with Nik Plugins. I also use ACDSee Pro 6, but just to organize because I don't like Adobe Organizer, personal choice.

    As I just do a few touch or make B&W conversions and I basically work inside View NX2 and call Capture NX2 and Nik Collection plugin (in stand alone mode) using Open With function, also View NX2 let me make a menu with my favorites plugins. I'm very happy working this way.

    Well, when Nikon announce Capture NX-D, I tried it and didn't like specially because it would brake my simple workflow.

    I gave a new try and today I found out that the "Open With" function on NX-D works not only the same way but also let me open NEF edited files with Nik Plugins and Photoshop. Capture NX-D export edit files as TIFF when using "Open With" function, no need to save as TIFF before open with Nik Plugins, the same with Photoshop that don't open Camera Raw. It does the same with Capture NX2, but for me don't make sense to open a TIFF file on NX2.

    I found out I can keep my workflow replacing View NX2 with Capture NX-D.

    The only thing is when calling a Nik Plugin from NX2 it saves the file on the same folder you are working in, except to Nik HDR2, you have to use Save As or it will save on My Pictures folder (Windows 8.1). On NX-D it saves on "Place Open With File in" on Preferences, Nik HD2 also save in this folder, no need to Save As. I hope Nikon can give the option to save on Current folder, or a sub folder of the current folder, with no need to edit it.

    For me looks like NX-D is a good replacement to View NX2 (no Video Edit though), but I not sure as a replacement for Capture NX2, which I like very much.

    I know that running Nik Collection as Stand Alone is completely different thing that NX2 Control Points, but to be enable to export a NEF, edited with NX-D, strait to a Nik Plugin or Photoshop without ACR is something, at least interesting.

    PS: Sorry my English, is not my first language.
  2. Adriano, thx for this write-up !
    one question : ViewNX2 and Capture NX2 change the NEF file itself to include adjustments, so when calling Nik those changes are going allong with the file, .
    Capture NX-D uses a Sidecar file to safe changes to the NEF in, so the NEF itself does not change.
    So if you call Nik from NX-D, are the changes from NX-d also carried to Nik or do you call nik with Tiff only to process further ?
  3. Thanks, and btw, your English is great.
  4. When using View NX2 or Capture NX2 I need to save as a TIFF before "Open With" Nik Plugins. On NEF files Photoshop and Capture NX2 can be called but they will open the original NEF, Photoshop will open ACR.

    When using NX-D, changes are on the Sidecar file but when you "Open With" the external editor it sends a TIFF file to external editor, no need to save as TIFF before you call the external editor and the changes made with NX-D goes with it. The function "Open With" on NX-D actually exports the edited NEF file as a TIFF to external editor.

    I test it with Nik Collection and Photoshop Elements but it should be the same with other editors.

    The only trick is to set the "Place Open With File in" on Preferences to "tell" Nik Plugins where to write the file when you save it. Some Nik Plugins let you save where you want and also as a JPG on File Menu, like HDR2.

    When I need a non destructive change to the TIFF file and work with more than one plugin I call Photoshop Elements to work with layers, if no pixel edit is done it keeps its 16 bits. Photoshop Elements in this case is used just as a "platform" to edit with more than one Nik Plugins at the same time.
  5. Do you know where Silver Efex Pro2 saves the TIFF opened from CNX-D on Windows7 when no particular folder was indicated. I worked on a NEF in CNX-D for the first time, opened it with Silver Efex Pro2, clicked on save but cannot find the TIFF anymore.
    Thanks in advance
  6. clicked on save but cannot find the TIFF anymore​
    When using external editor the TIFF file is save where defined on Preferences (Ctrl+K) / Place Open With File in.
    If you open the same file again using external editor, Capture NX-D don't overwrite the old one, but create a new version numbered (1), (2), and so. Is good to create versions but needs to take care and manage it right because TIFF files are big.

    I work this way with Nik Plugins, but I use another browser to see the TIFF files. Basically manage NEF files with Capture NX-D and TIFF files with ACDSee (ACDSee is a powerful browser. catalog and editor).
    You can do the same with Capture and Picasa for instance.
  7. When using external editor the TIFF file is save where defined on Preferences (Ctrl+K) / Place Open With File in

    Thank you very much, now I have found it.

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