Canon Thursday Photo #6

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by robinsmith, Feb 8, 2017.

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    New Photonet, new picture. Let's see yours for this week. Croton Pt Park 12 2010-3.jpg
  2. 5D Mark IV. Wipe Out! Wipe Out x1000 PN-6182.jpg
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  3. Orchid. Playing with my 5D II, 31mm extension tube, EF to FD adapter and FD 35mm f/2 lens combination. Orchid.jpg
  4. no_tree1_IMG_1108.JPG The tree's are gone. My little street turned into a building site.
  5. no_tree_2_IMG_1110.JPG and the big one on the other side is gone as well
  6. And some homework, had to do a lightsculpture homework_IMG_1106.JPG
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  8. IMG_4976 (1).jpg

    We had a light dusting of snow yesterday, so on my morning dog walk I swung past the local used car lot. Lots of windshields needing cleaned.

    Canon EOS Rebel SL1, Canon EF-S 24mm STM lens
  9. "Event after the game"
  10. As usual a flower:

    IMG_15810_Paarse tulp kl.jpg
  11. Marcel, when you upload your photo, select full view not thumbnail. It may default to thumbnail, not sure but the option is there. It caught me by surprise too.
  12. IMG_15816_Paarse tulp kl.jpg
    Thank you i will try that now Mark. 50D Helios 44-2 & EF12II
  13. Not shure about how to put the text above or under the photo.
    I had to sign in to see all the forums, don't know why.
    Maybe because I haven't renewed my membership yet.
  14. Not much photography done here this week. This is the head of the island Tjörnekalv at the moment the morning sun hits it. photosaturday170211.jpg

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