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  1. As usual, post up to 3 photos, 1000 pixels max size.
    Some plants you just neglect and they still award you with nice flowers.

  2. FE5AB1B2-CDEE-44F0-AD33-9E1C774F0656.jpeg Canon 5D; 300mm F4:
  3. Looks like a nice pleasant stream to walk by and forget all the turmoil.
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  4. Real Estate Photography today! I've gotten interested in that after watching a few tutorials on You Tube, mainly by Rich Baum and Nathan Cool. I'm not comfortable with layers and masking in Photoshop which is one reason I've started watching those. And I can practice at home!
    I'm showing an ambient shot, and a flash shot, but not including the window pull. The final result is the last one. It's a fiddly process for me to try getting even tones. I'm not 100% satisfied with the result and will continue trying. I do get some ghosting on the far left in some of my blends although I don't know why. I may reshoot. I'll tether next time so I can change shutter speeds without touching the camera.
    5D Mklll and 17-40.



    final blend.jpg
  5. Just one so far today, a photo of my brunch taken yesterday. I took a batch of shots, but after downloading the hero image the SD card locked itself, so I cannot show my progression of the series. I did shoot a BTS image, which I will also include.

    The BTS image was shot with a T6s and an old EF-S 18-200 mm (note curvature of edge on the left.) The brunch was shot with my trusty M5, and during my setup I used the EF-M 18-150 mm, switching to the excellent EF-M 32/1.4 once I knew what I wanted. I could probably have gotten a decent image with the daylight from the window (1:30 p.m.), but I wanted more control, so I ended up using three Godox speed lights. Referring to the BTS shot, the main light is on the shelf camera left with wide spread and bounced off the ceiling. The result was a strong shadow in front of the bowl while the plate got too light. I added a light on the counter and one on the shelf behind the TV, both bounced off the ceiling. I am not totally happy, because I lost dimensionality on the tomatoes. Also, shiny flatware is a no-no, so I Amazoned a set of matte black flatware. I am pretty sure I will redo this concept, stay tuned for Brunch 2.0. (The eagle-eyed among you will notice that the BTS image was shot before I added the green napkin.)

    Finally, if I talk too much, just shoot me down!


  6. Panna Meena Ka Kund
    Canon 5Dii
  7. Brunch 2.0, or just a batch of grape tomatoes.

    I wanted to further evolve my tomatoes on black theme, starting with two (Godox) speed lights, each in an old Photoflex 16"x20" speed light soft box. The first decent exposure was f/5.6 at ISO 320. But to reduce reflections I put a Pola filter on the Sigma 56/1.4, which of course ate up at least a stop, so I replaced one speed light with a Godox AD-200. That helped a bit, but I wanted more depth of field which led me to put a Godox AD-360 in each soft box, and incrementally moving the boxes closer and closer to the tomatoes until the distance was about 16" to 20", which let me shoot at f/8. At this point I am putting about 600 Watt seconds through the boxes, but I still don't have all the depth of field I ideally would like, so now I am starting to think serious studio shooting, 1200 Ws through the back box and 600 through the front. I even fleetingly wonder if my two 40 year old 2400 Ws Speedotron power packs still work. Somewhat coming to my senses (as much as is feasible, at least) I instead decide to go to hard light with the AD-360s. With 5" reflectors that gives me f/14, still at ISO 100 and I call it a day.

    With so few postings this time I feel I can get away with attaching two pix, one soft light and one hard. Luckily the shadows aren't too distinct on the hard light photo.

    CmpIMG_2600.JPG CmpIMG_2613.JPG
  8. P.S. It takes a LOT more light than you initially think to achieve a desirable (small) f stop at a low ISO setting when you use soft boxes. And with small apertures even direct light needs a lot of power. If you like to shoot studio headshots at f/2.0 you might not realize that a still life at f/16 requires 128 times as much light! Food for thought. Tomatoes, anyone...?
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  9. Canon 5D MK IV. For sale, new tennis ball, slightly chewed. $3. Dog not included.
  10. Canon 5D MK IV - SIgma 150-600mm C - @252 Meter focal legnth - f/5.6 - 1/640 sec - ISO 100
    Red Sky in Morning
  11. I've played with this too and had my own challenges. Given your example, I've decided to give it another try. Keeping my fingers crossed!
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  12. They make it look so easy in the videos. It's a good way for me to learn layers and masks in Photoshop.

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