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  1. Kicking things off this Thursday, 8/18 my 72nd birthday, from Bridger-Teton National Forest in Wyoming. This is a shot was taken as I mushed the dogs on the trail to Granite Creek Campground. The day was filled with beautiful weather, a dip in the swimming pool at Granite Creek Hot Springs, and a meal including fresh trout.

    As usual you may post a maximum of 3 photos with each having a maximum of 1000 pixels along its longest edge. Oh, and your photos should have been taken with a Canon camera.

    Best wishes to all my fellow Photo.Net friends, keep shooting and sharing!

    20080123 IMG_0491 Mushing dog sled to Granite Creek Campground MWS C V1.jpg
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  2. Unless you are the lead dog, the view never changes
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  3. Great Sphinx of Giza
    Great Sphinx of Giza.jpg
  4. 5EE5A007-13F5-40E2-8554-2ECDAA297DA1.jpeg 5D with 16-35mm f4 at 16mm. 3 stop ND grad.
  5. Royal Terns 1.jpg Royal Terns 2 at CGS.jpg Royal Terns 3.jpg Royal Terns on Long Island. Canon 90d, Canon 100-400mmii HAPPY BIRTHDAY MICK!
  6. Thank you for your happy birthday message Katherine! I hope that I have many more. And may I say that you posted a nice series of the parent seagull feeding its fuzzy little guy. Best wishes to you and yours Katherine!
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  7. This is another pic from my Chinatown portfolio that goes back more than a few years. Taken with either one of the earlier rebels or one of the (x)D series.

  8. Happy birthday from me too, Mickey! I'm about a year younger than you. It's good to see that you're still active.
    5D-3 with 85mm f/1.8 5D-lll and 85mm 1.8.jpg
  9. 80D with Rokinon 12mm manual focus fisheye. ISO200, f/8 and 30 seconds. iso200 30secs f8 Rokinon 12mm.jpg
  10. Eos 1D mark iv, 70-200 f/4L
    _78C9847_700 px.jpg

    _78C9852_700 px.jpg

    _78C9899_700 px.jpg
  11. I've been thinking about getting an 85mm. How do you like the 85mm f1.8?
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  12. Happy Birthday, Mick! I hope you had an absolutely wonderful day!
    Here are a couple of shots from the 'Andy Archives' shot on my 7D2 (the bird), and my 5D2 I was using at the time (the lioness). The lioness was captured at Washington Park Zoo in Michigan City, Indiana. It's a sanctuary zoo for animals that were acquired illegally or animals that need to be rehabilitated due to injuries too serious to allow them to survive in the wild. There is a network of zoos across the Midwest that work cooperatively to provide services to these animals as well as to endangered animals.


    076Aa.jpg .
  13. What a great shot!
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  14. Thank you, Andycollins. I haven't had too many chances for lightning photos this year so at least I have something.
    Nice shots yourself! That bird is sharp!
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  15. I'm happy with it, Mickey. I've used it for full frame and cropped frame portraits. It's lighter than a zoom for just walking around and I like that focal length for full frame.
  16. Thank you!
  17. I am not much for flower photos and rarely do macro shots. However, (semi) recently I took two pictures of flowers in vases, they were largely just found opportunities. The pink flower was in a window at a restaurant on Jones Beach on Long Island. The white flower was on a table (again in a restaurant, or cafe) in Barnes & Noble's Manhattan flagship store. Here I worked the shot a good bit more. I shot it from different directions, moved it to at least one other table and again moved around it to achieve different looks. All in all I took eight frames (or is that an old fashioned expression, only used by aging former film shooters?) Interestingly enough, it's the first shot you see here. So either my first shot was well chosen, or all my maneuvering and repositioning were just wheel spinning. Both flowers were shot with the M 6 Mk. II and the Sigma 56 mm f/1.4. I was sorely tempted to take out a flash to change foreground to background light ratio, but realized that might stretch B&N's hospitality.

    EmIMG_3413.JPG EmIMG_3202.JPG

    On to another issue, 85 mm lenses. I have had the EF 85/1.8 as well as the quite similar EF 100/2 for many years and been very pleased with both of them. They are both small, sharp, contrasty, inexpensive, and discontinued. Major retailers still have stock of the 85, though the 100 is getting scarce. Some time ago I posted here a fashion shot with the 5 DsR and the 100 mm, wide open, ISO 6400, full length. When pixel peeping you could see individual eyelashes! But back to the 85. Today I use it with my M 5 where it becomes a 136 mm f/1.8 equivalent. Quite nice! The RF 85 is longer, thicker, heavier, and 43 % more expensive, But it does have IS.

    A little while back I bought a Sigma 85/1.4 Art. A fabulous piece of glass. But when the EF 85/1.4 IS was introduced I thought that was more useful for caffeine inflected old hands. So the Big Sig is on the block, hit me up if you're interested. Canon has always made great 85/1.8s, going back at least 50 years. I have owned FL, FD, and EF versions of this lens, always my primary headshot lens.
  18. I have one more photo allowed, so I'm putting this in from today's Blue Angels Air Show in Chicago. They sometimes go just far enough north that I was able to get a few shots out my window. This is with the 80D and 75-300 f/4-5.6 IS lens. Not stellar on full frame, but acceptable on the 80D. The air was humid and hazy over the lake, so there is some distortion. Maybe I'll be able to get a few tomorrow as well. _MG_5527.jpg
  19. Hi Andy. I like both shots but favor the Cardinal due to the bird's perch, the lighting and shading and the background which makes the scene pop.
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  20. Make that 70-300 f/4-5.6 IS USM

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