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  1. 1000 px maximum dimension, and up to 3 images.

    Lincoln Memorial, Washington DC, 16-35mm f4 IS
    Washington DC 03 2016 11.jpg
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  2. A much less famous building; Anamosa Iowa.


    Canon EOS Rebel SL1
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  3. Another red-winged blackbird pictures from Cheesequake State Park, NJ, taken two days ago.



    5D II and 100-400mm lens.
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  4. I've actually been out shooting quite a lot the last week. I've also loaded my printer with canvas on a roll which is a new and exciting experience.

    The Terns are fast birds but I managed to get a couple of shots of one hunting the other day. Unfortunately I did not get a shot when it dove into the water.
    Canon 5D Mark IV, Sigma 300mm f/4

    I'm also making collages of the kids. Printed onto canvas and will be mounted shortly.
    _D8A1805---Copy (1).jpg
    Canon 5D Mark IV, 135mm 2.0L
  5. Portraits I made this week with EOS6D and ef80/1.8 ef50/2.5

    IMG_8570 copy.jpg IMG_8994 copy.jpg
  6. Went to see The Handsome Family at Metropool Hengelo (NL) some time ago.
    Photo's only during the first 3 songs (venue restictions)
    If they play near you, go see them, and say hi from me.
    If you want to know what they sound like go to
    A audio recording of the show in Hengelo. The other hobby :)
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  7. They had an extra guitar player this tour.
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  8. And a very good drummer.
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  9. 34619868086_5c9cfa94ce_z.jpg
    Am I Missing something?
  10. Loki (and she has justified the name)
    about 4.5 months

    How I spend my time these days......
    She is kind enough to take me out for walkies every day, though.
  11. IMG_0136_Lavendel H kl.jpg

    Canon 5D mkIi Helios 44-2 EF12II
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  12. Canon 5D Mark IV - Sigma 150-600 C
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  13. I find these quite impressive as, if I so much as look at a Grackle, it's off like a shot. I rarely have time to bring my camera up to shooting position.
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  14. Thank you, Dave.

    There are two tricks that I use. One is to park myself on a stool, near the point of a lot of historical action. These shots were around a field of cattails, infested with blackbirds, such as grackles and red-winged blackbirds. The other trick is to raise my rig slowly. (If you use a tripod, don't swing it around fast). Don't expect action until at least 15-minutes after taking position. I invest two-hour slugs to get shots like those and this:

    [​IMG]Welcome To My Studio Mr. Finch... by David Stephens, on Flickr

    This is about two-hours into sitting in a thistle patch.
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  15. Here's one from the other day with my 5D3... 007Abbb.jpg
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  16. Andy, sorry, but I think that I distracted you and you posted in the May thread.
  17. I did! I'll re-post it in the current thread. Thanks!

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