Canon Sure Shot Classic 120 (Prima Super 120)

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  1. I've read a lot about this camera and how it's such a great compact camera with such a great lens. Matt Denton raves about it on his site, and several others spoke very highly about it as well. First of all, it's the Prima Super 120, or Sure Shot Classic 120 as marketed here in the US. It is compact in size, but it has quite a hefty feel to it. The metal looking parts are actually metal, aluminum to be precise, and the camera has a high-quality feel to it. The only down side to using it is that the flash always extends when the camera is on, even if you disable it. There are several very useful settings, including a 'Personal' setting which allows you to set up the camera the way you want, albeit with a relatively small number of options, but they are useful options such as Spot meter versus evaluative metering. There is a very handy little door on the back left portion of the camera that hides several buttons for activating some of these features, and a main dial that is very similar to the one found on EOS cameras. The lens is the real jewel on this camera. It is quite sharp and renders colors beautifully. Even more impressive though, is the lack of flare when shooting directly into the sun! I took it out for a stroll several days ago and got a few shots of the area around us. I was quite happy with the way the camera performed and will certainly put it to use a lot more!
  2. Ready to shoot...
  3. Looking at the back...
  4. Shot #1
  5. Shot #2
  6. Shot #3
  7. Shot #4
  8. This is a very cool camera, much nicer than I ever expected and one you should definitely experience. It is certainly worthy of all of the high praise it receives. I will definitely keep this one and put it to use a lot! As usual my pics were shot on Fuji Superia X-Tra 400. Thanks for looking!
  9. Great shots. The compact P&S near the peak of its design before digital became affordable.
  10. I've snapped up a few copies of this camera from thrift stores over the years. It's a really nice little camera except for the $%%$#@@ battery latch on the bottom.
  11. Nuts, I was hoping someone had found a 120 medium format version of this type of camera.
    Looks like I'm back to shopping for a Fuji or Bronica 645.
  12. I have one, too. I share your observation that it is a beauty!
  13. Well Lex, the Fuji GA 645 ZI comes close. Built-in flash, autofocus, and a zoom lens with 120 film. I don't think one will
    show up in a thrift shop, though.
  14. Mike, Kelly, Tom--thanks for your comments. It's a consistently great performing camera.
    Lex--Sorry to disappoint you;-)
  15. Many moons ago we used to sell these in the camera department we worked in. They were quite pricey too and we never had any returns in the 3 years I worked there.
  16. Andy, Thanks for an interesting post.
    Good to see that You are excited about Your Classic 120. I really like mine (You probably saw my review of this camera)... Great camera among P&S...
    Kelly, many users are complaining about battery door... But they don't know that it's not designed for coins.
    With original camera strap there is a plastic "key" designed to open battery door, together with a small tip to reach film rewind button.
  17. Maciek, I do remember your post. It was an excellent presentation and is what got me first interested in this camera. This is one I'll keep for sure!
  18. Nice presentation, Andy. I'm quite surprised by the picture quality. I bought a pair of these a few years ago but never got around to using them. I guess I'd better put that on my 'to do' list. Well, maybe when the weather around Seattle is a little less foul.
    Maciek, I forgot about the plastic key! I'm sitting here struggling with a coin when I read your post... What hurts is that I knew about the key.
  19. Thank you, Fred. I gave my significant other three sets of pictures to compare, one each from this camera, my Yashica T4, and my Olympus Stylus Epic. Being a photographer herself, she has a very good eye for picture quality, but she was unable to distinguish any differences between the three sets, although she thought that the pics from the T4 were just the slightest bit sharper in some pictures but certainly not across the board. All that to say that the Classic 120 has a very impressive lens and like you, the results surprised me.
  20. Maciek - Thank you for the tip on the battery door. I had no idea there was a "key" on the strap.
  21. Late to the party, Andy, but thanks for a fine post and some great pictures; the "Old Wheels" is beautiful. I think we all tend to forget what high standards "consumer" grade cameras had reached before the digital incursion, and your article demonstrates that quality.
  22. Andy, I forgot to mention how great (and my favorite) picture "The Leaning Tree" is :)
    Rick, You are so right about the high standard...
  23. Thanks, Rick. I was surprised by the Classic 120 and the quality of pics that it produces, but that has only encouraged me to use it more!
  24. Thanks Maciek. That tree is absolutely beautiful when all of its leaves are grown, but especially in the Fall when its leaves are all a rich golden color. That will definitely be a photo subject when the time comes!

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