Canon Rebates for End of Summer Savings

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    Text from the above link

    Instant Rebate: EOS 40D and EOS Rebel XSi

    Save up to $150 with our End of Summer Instant Rebates. Purchases eligible for rebate must be made between August
    31, 2008 and October 13, 2008. Download .pdf for more details.
  2. The first link gives me:

    "Thank you for visiting our site. We do not have any promotions running at this time. Please continue to visit our site to take advantage of future promotions."

    The second link gives me:

    Referral Denied
    You don't have permission to access "" on this server.
    Reference #24.7f481160.1220210162.82f1520

    So... ?
  3. Hmm... the first link states "there's no promotions or rebates happening at this time" and the second link gave me a
    "referral is denied."
  4. Heh... Ben, you just beat me to it.
  5. Works for me.

  6. Still NG for me, Bob. Canon must like you better!
  7. Referral Denied
    You don't have permission to access "" on this server.

    Reference #24.c5a71645.1220211132.269754e
  8. Copy and paste the url. If I click on the link so that it comes with as the referrer, then I get no access. If I copy and paste the url, then I can grab it without a problem.

  9. It's the same from my own website. I have a link there that gets the "Referral denied" message, but if I paste the URL in the browser it works OK. The page seems to be misconfigured and it's rejecting links from any external website (well, at least two of them...).

    It's not exactly 100% clear what qualifies for the rebate. It seems to read that any 40D or XSi body/lens kit is, plus the 40D + 70-300IS and the XSi + 75-300III.

    I don't see any retailers listing the "instant savings" yet, but I guess it is Labor Day weekend so maybe they're just slow in updating their websites.
  10. Yeah it's because there is an extra " at the end of the URL grrrrrrr....
  11. Alan - It's an "instant savings" not a mail in rebate.

    I've actually done OK even with mail-in rebates, but obviously "instant" is better where the dealer takes the rebate off the normal purchase price.
  12. Actually "instant" is not Ok. Most retailers jack up the "before savings" price and effectively pocket a portion of the instant rebate. We saw this in recent promotions. There was $300 rebate on 5D but throughout the rebate period the price of 5D was only $150-200 less than the pre-rebate prices. The same was true for 40D and other lenses.
  13. Some dealers do some don't. The solution is not to buy from the dealers who do. Prices vary all the time, so you can't really tell exactly what the "non discount" price would have been, but I agree there are some dealers who will try to rob you of your "instant savings".

    However buying a 5D and 24-105IS last month I saved $484 over the current price of that kit at B&H, and the rebate was only supposed to be $300, so I don't think I suffered too badly from dealer price hiking (I bought through Amazon).

    Today's price on the EOS 40D + 70-300IS from Adorama is $1518.95. Let's see what it is after the $150 instant saving once they get their site updated (for those who hate math, it should be $1368.95 after a $150 saving).
  14. B&H has already updated their prices to show the rebate. They list the before and after rebate price, and the 40d + 70-300 is the $1368.95.
  15. Do you think Nikon will follow up with rebates to ?
  16. Or Sony, or Olympus, or Pentax....

    Sorry but the crystal ball is off-line today.

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