Canon rebate under different name.

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  1. I sent materials for rebate several weeks ago but I didn`t receive amex card yet. but my friend who sent materials in same envelope, get the amex card last week.
    So I called customer service and sent everting again and find out the rebate is processed under my friend`s name. If my friend got money instead of me, it is totally okay for me. But my friend only got $100 of Amex card once but the total should be $200 if she gets mine. (we live in same building and when she checked her mailbox, I was next to her.)
    To prevent these mistake I used stapler for both of our documents but they made mistake and they don`t even know where is the rest of $100 gone. Of course, they denied reprocess the rebate. I asked them to send me any type of record by email, but they didn't send me back anything. And the customer service said, my friend should call them to find out where is $100. We will call canon customer service at Tuesday, and find out what happened to rebate but I`m pretty sure they are lying to me to cover their mistake. I`m so disappointed to Canon and never buy Canon again. If they can`t prove they send $200 to my friend, and keep lying to me I will sue them.
    If anyone has similar experiences please let me know.
  2. So you open a account today, and your first post is to let us know your plan to sue them and then never buy from Canon again?
    Seems like you got into the wrong forum...
  3. I've never had the slightest problem with Canon rebates. I've always gotten the full rebate within the time-frame they specify. I must have done this a dozen times with never any problem. Many of the rebates were for multiple items.
    Of course I sent then all the documents for any one rebate in their own envelope. Mixing up rebate forms is asking for trouble.
    You won't sue them of course, just badmouth them on forums.
  4. Some 10 or 15 years ago there were lots of complaints about rebates. Since then things have changed significantly. Bear in mind that most rebate programs are outsourced, you don't deal with the manufacturer or importer but with a 3rd party. Personally I have never experienced any problem with Canon rebates. IMO you asked for these problems by sheepskating and sending two forms in one envelope.
  5. I'm sure I have had fewer Canon rebates than Bob, but like him, I have never had a single problem. I have also found the Canon customer service people I have dealt with courteous.
    Sounds like a simple mistake. Combining rebate forms from two different people in one submission isn't a good idea; a clerk could process one, think he is done, and move on. I'll bet that is what happened in your case. And one should always keep a copy until the rebate has been processed.
  6. I too have never had a problem. They take a little time to arrive, but it works OK. Still dislike the process though, but understand why they do it. But, like most things, you have to follow the instructions they provide to the letter.

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