Canon photo 2018 #16 2018-04-19

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  1. And another week flown by.
    As usual up to 3 photo's, up to 1000 pix max size.

    Nothing much going on here, weather became nice. Going to be sunny and 27C today. Making it an early start.
    So here's a few from the morning garden.. and one from eralier in the week.
    Have fun people, i'm off doing some painting the house before it becomes too hot.

    saw these earwigs traped in a tulip.
    and this little spider with a web in the rapeseed (the web is so thin it didn't show on the photo, will try again later)
    And one from the front garden. (earlier this week)
  2. Stretching the technical side a bit
    taken with a Canon T90 with FD 50mm f/1.4
    but it is Canon​
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  3. Canon SL1 with EF-S35mm macro wired, EF-S35mm macro.jpg
  4. May be&W version would work better?
  5. Sunrise over Lake Ontario, B&W.jpg
    Sunrise over Lake Ontario.
  6. I used a Lightroom preset for that. Normally if I shoot in color I leave it in color. B&W version.jpg
  7. I'm horse-sitting for my mum. Spring is just around the corner and the winter coat is almost shed. She does not like it when I portrait her beautiful horses like this.
    5D Mark IV 24-70mm 2.8
  8. Maybe bit more contrast, it is kind of Moriyama style image. Nik collection of presets was available for free from Google..Just for fun. sample.jpg

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