Canon new F-1 meter needle problem

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  1. So I just received a Canon new F-1. Looks pretty good from the exterior and everything is looking to work properly except from the meter needle. The needle does not move upwards or downwards when changing the shutter speed. Also in A mode there is no needle appearing in the metering scale on the bottom of the viewfinder. Is this a calibrating problem? Or is it just me who I am still a newbie with this camera?
  2. Something is amiss. When in manual mode, your meter needle should up or down as you turn the shutter speed dial. Likewise, when the shutter speed dial is set to "A," you should see a meter needle in the bottom part of the viewfinder showing what the shutter speed the camera will use. It should move up or down with varying light conditions. Check your battery. A dead battery could explain your problems.
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  3. In manual mode the meter needle stays all the way down, even when I change the shutter speed. In 'A' mode I don't see the meter needle at all. I also checked in different light conditions. So I suppose it's not working. Does anybody know if this is a common problem with the F-1 New models?
  4. I own one. What you describe is not common. For a possible remedy, see the last two sentences of response #2.
  5. I've used two newly bought batteries. So unfortunately the problem is with something else.
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    Where does the needle move when you press the battery check button (shutter dial not set to "A")?
  7. The meter needle will point to the aperture that the camera THINKS you should pick based on the available light.

    Do you have a lens mounted? Where is your ISO set? What sort of lighting conditions are you checking it in? My first check would be to mount a lens, set the ISO to 400, the shutter speed to 1/500, and go outside during the day. See if it then indicates a halfway reasonable shutter speed-something in the range of f/8-f/16.

    Also, remember that if the little knob on the back is set to "normal", the needle will only be active when you're half pressing the shutter button. If you set it to "hold" the meter will stay on for a few seconds after you release the shutter. As a final check to see if the systems are working, move the knob to the "light" position and see if the meter scale lights up with a half press(you'll probably need to be inside to see it).

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