Canon Lens on Nikon Body??

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  1. Does anyone have any experience using Canon lenses (particularly
    300mm telephoto and super tele's (400-500mm)) on Nikon DSLR bodies?
    If so, any comments are welcome. Feel free to email me at

  2. You can not do that. The other way (nikon lens on canon) is possible with an adaptor.

  3. To add the "why" to that answer, the Canon mount is bigger than the Nikon mount, so you
    can fit a Nikon lens and adaptor on the Canon, but even just the Canon lens with no
    adaptor is too big to fit on the Nikon.
  4. No, that is not the reason.

    The camera registry of Nikon requires a longer back focal length than a canon lens can offer.

    It is (in principle) possible to use Leica lenses on on Nikon bodies, if a 0.5mm Nikon F to Leica R mount adaptor can be made.

  5. Vivek is correct. You can mount a Hassie lens on a Nikon with an adapter - the physical size of the lens is not the issue. The distance from the camera mounting flange ot the film plane is what counts. If you could find or make an adapter to use a Canon lens on a Nikon body, you would not be able to get infinity focus. It would be like using the Canon lens with an extension tube on a Canon body.

    Regards, Ross
  6. I've heard that the nikon lenses that are made specifically for digital wont work on a cannon with an adapter, is this true?
  7. I have to ask: why would anyone want to do that? Canon lenses work great on Canon
    cameras (AF, stabilization, etc.). Nikon lenses work great on Nikon cameras. If you have
    Canon lenses, why not buy a Canon DSLR? Conversely, if you have a Nikon DSLR, why not
    get Nikon lenses? Yes, Canon big telephotos have image stabilization which (up to now)
    is absent from Nikon lenses, but you would lose that feature in a 'transplant'.
  8. with lenses this long you should be able to have a camera/lens machinist make an
    adapter or new lens mount for these lenses to the correct back focus.

    You will loose all electronic communication with the camera and will have to shoot in
    complete manual mode, without automatic iris closing. IOW, stop down focusing and

    Century Prescision Optics may be able to do this.

    I suspect that it may be cheaper to buy a Canon body than to do this conversion. I've
    used the converted lenses (nikon and canon) on motion picture cameras. The
    conversions have always been the older, manual versions of the lenses.
  9. awahlster

    awahlster Moderator

    BG just how would you go about stopping down an Canon EF mount lens manually? The apreture on that mount is controlled electronically not manually. You would only be able to use the lens in what ever aperture the lens rests in. I don't know what that is it could be wide open or like the FD mount lenses it could be around f8.

    In anycase the transplant is not suitable.
  10. BG just how would you go about stopping down an Canon EF mount lens manually? The apreture on that mount is controlled electronically not manually.
    Mark, The original post did not specify EF mount. And you're right, I'm only familiar with the FD mount lenses. I did mention that I had only used manual lenses that had been converted.
  11. Thanks for everyone's help/comments! I appreciate it! Just have to do a little more research now.
  12. Here is an answer as to why someone would want to do this. I have a Digital Rebel XT with about 2000 dollars worth of lenses. I got incredible lucky and managed into the camera for about 400 dollars. If I had spent 3000 dollars on a camera my wife may have simply killed me in a quick and painless manor. Now, I have a friend who has about 9000 dollars worth of Nikon lenses that I can use when ever I want. I do not have the bravado to risk loosing my manhood to a knife wielded by my wife by going out and buying 9000 dollars worth of canon lenses. Therefore an adaptor is an excellent way to increase my photo taking ability and retain not only my ability to reproduce but also my life.
  13. I just need to ask you something.
    Well I bought a nikon body recently with an amateur lens 16-85 lens, I was ready to make a massive order from them but... After I did some work and testing with it, I find out that the lens is faulty product and I contacted Nikon support in Europe.
    They made me feel bad about it because they said that it’s a feature and not a problem but at the same time they accepted that there is a problem and I needed to check my body (stupid isn’t it..), so the advice was to buy more lenses!!! Instead of fixing my brand new one.. It vignette at all range and most F 3.5 up to 11
    I got mad and I rerolled because of that, in canon systems. I am happy with it no problems at all and the question is why some articles write down that most of professionals use nikon cameras. Is that true? Well most of the people I see everyday use canon. I have a semi pro cameras at the moment and I am ready to invest money for a professional body between d3 and 1dsmk3. Why many people sell their 1dsmk3 for a d3 or d3x, is that bad? I noticed that selecting a professional body with canon system is harder than Nikon system. For example, d3 is an all around camera but canon have the low light and good iso performance body’s at extremely high prices.. Nikon offers that in lower prices and the opposite. For sports Nikon bodies are more expensive and canon bodies are cheaper. And to be honest the best sporty camera for canon system is 1dmk3 but its 1.3 crop! and you can't use afs lenses. I don't know why they did that..
  14. Another reason: You might find Nikon dslrs cheaper, better, preferable, and you don't need infinity focus for a lot of shots, and you want a super-fast lens for these shots, and you don't mind going fully manual for these shots, and the canon f/1.4 and f/1.2 glass out there is much cheaper.
    So is there an adaptor available for this?
  15. Why would you want to do it? I read this question so often and it just seems obtuse.
    The above question puts it perfectly and I just going to add some solidarity. I have a nikon D80 and a canon 50mm FD f1.4 lens. is it possible to bring the two together with an adaptor.
  16. I have done some internet research and the out come from several other camera site forums gives the following answer to the question, and I will simplify it;
    'Can a Canon lens be used on a Nikon body?
    The answer is NO for a simple mount adapter as optics would be required for this Canon lens to Nikon body question.
    This is because of the difference in distance between lens mounts and sensors on Nikon and Canon. You can adapt and extend for a Nikon lens to a Canon body, because the lens needs to be set a greater distance from the sensor but conversely you would need to set the Canon lens closer to the Nikon body sensor.... and thats not physically possible but is possible with new optics which would optically alter the focal point of the Canon lens. This is my understanding in layman's terms.
    An optical adapter could be custom made, according to one forum response, but would be extremely expensive and I'm only quoting here about optical adapters being possible. The essential answer is a simple No.
  17. It would be nice to be able to use Canon lenses with a Nikon PB-4. 100/2.8 macro for example.
  18. Canon EF lens to Nikon DSLR body infinity focus adapter, there it is:

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