Canon FD Photos of the Month: May 2022

Discussion in 'Canon FD' started by Alex_Es, May 2, 2022.

  1. It's the middle of spring !! Everything is beautiful. Go for it Canon FD, etc. shooters!
  2. Canon FT QL, FL 50mm f3.5 Macro, Portra 160 22021916A.jpg
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  3. I have, for some strange reason, nearly all of the A-series FD cameras.
    The Canon AE-1P is a dandy
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  4. Another from my young artist photography project. F-1 with FD 55/1.2. Wide-open at 1/60. Efke 25 film.

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  5. F7A Diesel locomotive at the California State RR museum in Sacramento last month. A-1 FD 50mm f/1.4 on Tmax 400. Also my first development with XTOL.

  6. Xtol is my go-to developer. Fine grain, good sharpness, and a full-speed developer, plus it's septic tank friendly. Nice combination.
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  7. 036CFD Niña Empujando Cochecito Acueducto Segovia J12.jpg Leica IIIc. Jupiter 12 (35 mm) Tri X TX 400. TMax (straight) 6' at 20ºC
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  8. Beautiful pic, but Leica IIIC?
  9. serial numbers 460001 465000 Leica IIIc 1948-49 camera
    01 Leica IIIC with J12 and Canon 35 Finder.jpg
    mine with Canon 35 finder​
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  10. oh my god, confused forum, I'm so sorry. I hope the moderator deletes it :(
  11. I hope this one is worth it
    030CFD Pareja Hombre Mujer Gorra Recortados Contraluz CFD70-210.jpg
    Canon F-1n. Canon FD 70-210. Tri-X 400. No developer data
  12. You wouldn't be the first, and most certainly will not be the last.

    Those of us who browse by the "new" criterion, are particularly apt to wander off while looking for a fitting image - at least I know I am....:oops:
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  13. I would hope that no one feels obligated to list developer data on this thread. I just posted mine because it was the first time I've ever used anything but D-76 or L-76 which for me was momentous.
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  14. Taken Sunday. A model I was photographing taking a break. Canon F-1 with FD28/2.0. Efke 25 in Xtol.

  15. Southern Pacific 4-6-2 Heavy Pacific steam locomotive as above.

  16. Another from my model shoot. F-1 (original) with FD 50/1.8. Efke 25 in Rodinal.

  17. A super collection this month! Keep it going!
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  18. A rare tornado swept through my small town yesterday. I found some time to take a few pics of the damage. Canon F-1 (original) with FD 28/2.0 lens. Eastman 5222-XX film in Xtol.

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  19. Glad you're okay! It's rare for a tornado to occur as far north as Gaylord, Michigan. My first memory ever is of a massive wall cloud that formed a tornado that hit just down the road from what was then my home west of Port Huron on May 21, 1953. That tornado soon became an F5, traveled twelve miles, jumped the St. Clair River and went another fifty miles into Ontario, Canada. I was exactly two years and three months old. I can still see it in my mind as clearly as that morning. Strange weather is the new normal. We had four inches of snow last night up here in the foothills of the Colorado Rockies.
  20. Thanks, we're okay, as is the house. Downtown Gaylord wasn't so lucky. Tornados do happen up here, but rarely. Another pic taken with the F-1. The owner of this pickup just bought it on Monday. By Friday, it was destroyed. On a technical note, the 12% metering rectangle was perfect for this type of photography.

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