Canon FD Photos of the Month: April 2021

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  1. April is here. Hoping everyone is well. Also hoping we'll soon have the pandemic beat.
  2. The last of my Ultrafine Extreme 100 test shots. A statue of Ernest Hemingway, in Petoskey, Michigan, Hemingway spent part of his youth in this part of Michigan. And for some reason, I manage to cut off his feet. F-1 with 50/1.8.

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  3. If Piet Mondrian had designed a former school board building?
    Canon T50 w 35-70mm f:3.5-4.5 zoom
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  4. rest time in front of the Thames (1975)
    023CFD Siesta Durmiente Banco Canon FT Canon 55 f1.2.jpg

    021CFD Tres Durmientes Banco Canon FT Soligor200.jpg

    020CFD Durmiente Banco Canon FT Soligor 200.jpg
    Canon FT. Soligor 200. Ilfpord HP4 rated at ISO 2000. No developer data​
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  5. Roxborough Park SW of Denver. A1 with FDn 50/1.8 on 400TX

    Roxborough Park.jpg
  6. man and his dog - cape may nj
    Canon A1 w/50mm ssc fd - fuji 400 canon av1 cape may 3 20_0012.jpg
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  7. Canon FDn 300-100 %.6 L + Metabones Speed Booster + Fuji X-E2

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  8. Taken a few weeks back. A local model asked me to take some pics of her for her portfolio. My favorite from the shoot. FD 200/2.8 on a Leica M240. Converted to B&W in PS.

  9. walk02ok.jpg walk29ok.jpg walk31.jpg Water serie ( Philippines 2021)

    Canon New F1 (dead battery so is all exposed in sunny 16 mode) Fuji C200, dev+scan handmade
  10. Fine work in April !! On to May !!

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