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  1. I could be in trouble twice here...the camera I used does take batteries, and it maybe should be on the Canon FD forum, but this is where I here it is!
    The Canon EF is a lovely thing to behold and use, sure it's auto, but still a real classic in my opinion. I had it along with me at a vintage car show and thought I would take a few, ah, different shots with the 20mm 2.8. I have seen some negative reports on the FD 20mm, but mine is as a tack and with a very impressive front element.
    Also being a 2.8, the screen on the EF is very bright and focusing is easy.
    First the camera in question.
  2. Try again.
  3. Back with the camera when I find it. These were taken on Pan F + nd developed in Rodinal 1:50, printed on Kentmere MC paper.
  4. See how this goes.
  5. Well, you've successfully turned a TR3 into a frog... Dramatic effects, nice tones, fine kit. Thanks, Tony.
  6. The Chev is either a Fleet Master or a Fleetline; the latter had a streamlined body. [1947-49]. This car had gears that were sucked in by a vacuum assist. So one had to have the engine running in order to engage the gears. They were really smooth riding. SP
  7. Thanks James, Rick...lucky it wasn't a frogeye Sprite!
  8. Riddip. I love 'car faces', they've been part of my buying decisions for years. The Chev's looking back at you with an expression of pained boredom. Good sharp images.
  9. I too love 'car faces'. It is always interesting to see if the face matches the cars personality.
    I pretty much missed the Canon EF when it came out. I bought my FTb in 1972 and was happy with my purchase until the A-1 made its appearance late in the decade. I guess at some point I will have to buy one to see if I like it.
    Thanks for showing off your 20mm. I don't have any lens that wide.
  10. James, the Nikkor 20mm is a very compact lens, and a great performer. I have way too many FD wides, and in addition to the 20 I have a 17mm, and a 24 as well, can't decide which I like best, so keep them all...that's the way it goes!
  11. The FD 20 was the first extra lens I bought for my FTb a million years ago. I paid a huge amount of money for it. It's still in service.
  12. I think I like the look of the Triumph more than a Frogeyed Sprite! Lovely pictures indeed.
  13. I've never been a fan of lenses that wide (what do you decide is the main interest in your shots?), but you've certainly shown what the're good for. Great shots! Love 'em all, but the Pontiac Chief is my favorite.
    What film are you using Tony? Tri-X? My TR-3 actually WAS a frog. Neat car when it was running (not often), but everyone I knew that owned a Triumph had 2 or 3 sitting on blocks in their yards to keep the one pick of the litter running.
  14. I found a Modern Photography test of this lens along with the 24mm f/2.8, 200mm f/4, and the 300mm f/5.6. They were tested in the May 1974 issue.
    This is page 1.
  15. This is page 2.
  16. Cool. Thanks Marc.
  17. I too own this lens.
    On my crop sensor NEX-7 it's in effect a 30mm f/2.8.
    Maybe a future Metabones Speed Booster will make it an enhanced full frame 20mm f/2. (Yes f/2.0)
    Marc B., thanks always for posting long ago reviews and "Lens Tests".
    This Modern Photography test seems to indicate a "sweet spot" for resolution and contrast at f/11. Good to know.
  18. Ahh, Steve...the joys of classic car ownership! The film here was Pan F + in Rodinal 1:50. I'm not usually a fan of shutter speed priority cameras but the EF is just lovely to use.
    Thanks Gene, I remember that the FTb's as well. Also thanks to Marc for your test links, love those...keep 'em coming!
  19. The EF is absolutely a classic. Remove the batteries and the meter dose not work or the slow shutter speeds below 1 second. However you still have all shutter speeds from 1 sec to 1/1000 sec. and a perfectly useable camera.
    It has one of the best build quality, smoothest film advance and sweet shutter release.
    I have had this one since 1979 when I purchased it from a customer that wanted to buy an A-1. He was happy and I am still happy to this day. If I could only have one 35mm SLR (horrors!!) it would most likely be the EF.
    The 24mmm F2.8 SCC is the first lens I purchased that cost more than most of the cameras I bought and was bought for shooting store interiors. Beside dabbling in wedding photography my main photo business was shooting renovated and new stores in the numerous malls around the New York Metro area.
    I still like the 24mm and it is the best compliment to my 35mm F2.0 for shooting Railroad subjects. Many a roll of Kodachrome was shot with the EF and 24mm combo and wasn't supplanted until the advent of my DSLRs.
  20. Yes Ed, lovely unit and the EF had F1 build quality, just nice to use. I also have a 24mm, the F2 version and it is a really useful focal length, probably more so that the 20 if I'm honest. The 24mm 2.8 is still really highly regarded even today. Modern lens design has really improved the zooms but they are just starting to re-discover the fixed focal length
    Younger Digital users are just discovering how good these primes are, so don't sell it too cheaply!
  21. I bought my Canon EF a little while back on APUG. I remember you commenting that an EF for $80 was pretty good value.
    Ben at Camera Checkpoint gave it a very light service, (all it needed), and it's running like a charm. I also have the 20mm f2.8 and the 24mm f2.8. My lenses are the later FDn versions with polycarbonate bodies. These lenses are lighter than the breechlock versions and this would give them better balance on the lighter A series bodies which were just coming out. Doesn't make much difference on an EF or F1-N. One drawback with the plastic barrels on the FDn lenses is that they don't age as gracefully as the alloy bodied FD lenses, appearance-wise. Mine are looking a bit rubbed up here and there although the optics are clear.

    I haven't used the 20mm much as it is almost a specialist lens. My most used wide-angle is the 24 or 28mm f2.8. I'll have to get brave and search out opportunities to exploit the extra coverage of the 20mm.
    PS. Love the car shots.
  22. Thanks Tony. Don't worry, I'm not selling the 24mm. It is definitely a keeper.
    I had a chance a about 2 years ago to buy a 20mm, but I watched it get sold (probably for use on an EVIL camera). After seeing your shots, I wished I bought it.
  23. I have this camera and lens and I don't know if you're aware Tony that the Copal Square metal shutter is the only one in a Canon camera ever that wasn't made by Canon, and that it's made of pure Platinum. The EF is beautiful and an affordable true classic that I really appreciate

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