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  1. I recently purchased a Canon AE-1 off of eBay, and now realize what a mistake it was. When I first looked at the camera, it was in great condition, no scratches, good seals, it looked great. when I advanced the film lever (with no film in the camera thankfully) it all looked like it was working great. But when I press the shutter release button down, nothing happens. the light meter works, and the button still depresses, but the shutter doesn't fire. I tried putting the shutter release cable on it, and it still wont fire. I've tried everything I can think to try, and it still won't work. The description of the camera said that it was in good working order, but it was very poorly packaged, with very little padding for shipping. This leads me to think (and hope) that it is a simple matter of a cable or wire shaking out of place, but I have no knowledge of the internal workings of a camera. If anybody has any ideas of what it could be, and what it would cost to fix, let me know.
    Thanks everybody!
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    Did you put in fresh batteries? The manual specifically states the shutter will not work without a working battery.
  3. I put in the battery from my other one, which the shutter works on. I figured since the light meter is working, that the battery was good. Neither of the batteries are full though, they are both nearing their end. Would a brand new battery fix the problem?
  4. That would be the best...and least expensive way to determine if it is ok
  5. If the listing said the camera was in "good working order", literally, with those words, then you can return it if it does not work. Contact the seller, regardless of the return policy. If you don't achieve communication with the seller, or the seller refuses a return, you can open a case with eBay if you have used PayPal. I have successfully resolved difficulties this way, and so has a friend of mine.

    Don't wait, though, and don't attempt to repair the camera.

    Do check the batteries, as others here recommended, of course.
  6. Alright, thanks everybody. I'll try a new battery.
  7. I agree with Marc's good advice.
    Put a new battery in it and if it is not then in "good working order" get your money back. That's what e-bay is all about these days.
    E-bay is full of little heart breakers. To buy a real working camera on e-bay, look for sellers who have been on the site for several years, have a high feedback rating, regularly dealing in serviced/tested photo items, and advertise their stock as being serviced and tested. Some even post up the test photos in the auction. They are few and far between, but they are there and the cameras they sell are your best bet in a 25 to 30 year old item. Otherwise you are just buying someone else's problems. Don't hesitate to pay more for an item from a known seller. If e-bay has totally burned you out, go to and pick something out.
  8. Alright everybody, I have the verdict. I replaced the battery with one that is brand new, and has full power, and it still didn't fix the problem. I have tried to contact the seller, and he is not responding. I purchased the camera with several extra lenses, and I am satisfied with those, so I will probably just end up paying to get the camera repaired if I cannot get ahold of the seller. since it isn't the battery, does anybody know what it might be, and what it could cost to fix?

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