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  1. I had a good friend who was a binge alcoholic but finally cured himself with the help of AA.

    I am a binge camera collector, but there seems to be no Camera Collector's Anonymous :oops:

    Anyhow here are some of the fruits of my short-term gathering of some Canon A-series cameras.

    A system
    A-Series System chart.jpg
    The original AE-1 was a fine camera, but my only copy won't work, but here it is

    Canon AE-1.JPG

    There was also a shutter speed-priority camera called the AV-1, but it is less flexible than the others and I've never got one.

    The AE-1P that followed looks like the AE-1 with a 'P' added, but it is more different than the outward similarity suggests


    Its full name is Canon AE-1 Program, and the program capability was advanced for its day

    see Canon AE-1P Canon AE-1 Program - The Old Regime with new tricks

    There was a focus confirmation version called the Canon AL1, which I have recently posted on here,

    also see
    Canon AL-1 Canon AL-1 “Quick Focus” — Another step toward the modern camera

    The queen of the line, however, was the Canon A-1 which was used as a second camera (or even a first one) by many professional photographers.

    Canon A-1 Canon A-1 - A-series "professional camera"

    These are really nice cameras to use, if you want to shoot film and don't want or need Autofocus.

    "It is finished"
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  2. You should also mention the AT-1 which is plain old match needle manual body. Personally I eschewed AF and ran with a Canon T90 when I was a student, with good eyesight, back in the 90’s and stayed with FD until the mid ‘00s. During that spell the AT-1 was a nice, basic back up.

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