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  1. Sorry guys, this is a really stupid question but I just can't find the answer in the manual. How do I turn on the LCD screen to act as a view finder ? I like to have the option of using either the optical or digital when I turn on the camera. Right now the LCD screen is black and using the info button does not get me my viewing screen.
  2. On my 5DIII there's a small dial switch, just below and to the right of (regular) viewfinder eyepiece. Similar?
  3. Snapshot of 6D back view
  4. EOS 6D Manual Online PDF LINK
    Go to page 179.
    Hope this helps.
  5. Garth, there's so much data in those manuals, we all struggle quite a bit in the beginning.
  6. To make it a little easier, that mode is called "Live View" You'll find info about it under that heading in the manual.
    It's impossible to find stuff in Canon Camera manuals if you don't know what they called it. There's no cross reference and the so-called index is no help if you aren't familiar with the nomenclature.
  7. The manuals are rather small. In my hands it feels just a little larger than a Cracker Jacks prize. I wish they would put in a manual at least the size of a paperback novel that would be easy to hold and read.
  8. Mark, you can download the manual and see it full-screen on your computer.
  9. Okay. I followed the instructions on P-179-81 which was what the camera was already set as. Pressing the start/stop button did get me the LCD view but the optical view was disabled. When pressing the shutter button with the LCD on there is a click like the shutter is opening but not closing or the mirror is locking up, but no picture is taken. Only after exiting the LCD view will it actually take a picture.
    Will the clear camera function return the camera to its default settings ?
  10. In Live View, the mirror is up so you cannot view through the viewfinder. So there is no image after fully pressing the shutter button? You should see the image, then, after the image review, Live View returns.
  11. Garth, sounds like you have "Quick focus" (mirror drop focus) enabled. It has two stages: focus and exposure

    1. Aim and half press shutter button: mirror flops and focuses (active AF point flashes green on the LCD). Retain half press on the shutter button to keep focus locked.
    2. Without releasing the half-press, press all the way to take the picture.
    If you're not in a hurry, dive into the menus and enable contrast focus: no mirror drop and slower but some people prefer it (mellower/softer).
  12. Ahh.... Now I see. Thanks. Too many danged settings on these modern cameras. LOL

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