Canon 5D mark 3 whitepaper?

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by proy, Feb 11, 2014.

  1. Hi. Perhaps I havent looked enough but.. I'm having a hard time finding the actual whitepaper for the Canon 5D Mark III. Would anyone know where I could find them?
    I'd like to find the detailed specs of the camera, in video, etc... Such as the color sampling, etc.
    Thanks for any help finding this whitepaper.
  2. I do not believe they have released one. I was only able them for selected models. There is, for example, one for the 5DmkII at
  3. Thanks, Joshua.
    I had missed this and I have both the 50D and 5Dii which are in the white paper.
  4. Thank you Joshua, but i cant base myself in the Mii
    whitepaper. Afterall it's not the same camera even if the
    Miii as very little differences.

    Cant believe Canon wouldn't release the tech details of it! :

    At 3000$, i outta be entitled to receive in dept technical
    details of my camera...
  5. How is it that so many filmmakers are using the 5D Mark III despite the fact that Canon has not released a white paper?
  6. Rob... I had my 5D mk3 (mainly for photography) before
    and just started out cinema school a few months ago..
    Wasnt planned as i initialy thought of going back to school
    in photojournalist (dont ask) ;)

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