Canon 35mm f3.5

Discussion in 'Canon FD' started by johnny_tsang, Dec 19, 2009.

  1. Just wondering what's the reputation on this lens cuz I'm thinking of getting one as a second 35mm.
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    I don't think Canon made a 35mm f3.5 in the FD version. The f2.0 was very good wide open and outstanding when stopped down, whereas the f2.8 model was pretty poor wide open, but when stopped down did much better. However, it also exhibited a fair amount of vignetting at all aperures and slightly more flare than the f2.0 model.
  3. There are a few breechlock versions. I have the last (SC) one which - based on only a little use - I quite like (no particular bad habits). Gary Reece's Test Page shows it to be a capable performer from f5.6 to c f11.
  4. Canon Museum lists four variations of breechlock FD 35/3.5, all are 6 element / 6 group optics. Later versions had a smaller minimum aperture (f/22 vs 16) but also one less diaphragm blade (5 vs 6). They shared a common 55mm filter size. In New FD there's no listing. I'd think this lens would be a very good performer at least, a "sleeper" in that it's not a difficult design to do a good job with...
  5. I have two chrome front and two black front FD versions of this lens. I just looked at one of the black front CS lenses. It has the tab on the focusing ring for the CAT flash system but does not have the aperture lock mechanism at the rear. It's possible that some of these lenses did have that lock. I don't use the 35/3.5 FD lenses very often but they seem fine when I do.
  6. The Canon FL 35mm/3.5 lens, which is optically similar to the breechlock FD versions but must be stopped down during metering, is readily available, too.
  7. I own the FL version, for me is a very good lens, especially with BW films.
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    I have the breech lock FD 35/3.5...a fine little shortcomings. 3.5 isn't an exciting speed, but it's plenty sharp wide open. No vignetting or other issues.
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    Whoops, my error, I was thinking only of nFD lenses, not the breech lock mount. Sorry for confusing the issue.
  10. The 35/3.5 was the first lens I bought for my F1n. I was a little underwhelmed, but I only paid a dollar for it, so my disappointment was a minor one. I gave it to a friend, and then I bought an old 35/2 concave lens, which was much better. One of the local camera shops here is selling an FTB with a concave 35/2 attached for only $130, I'm very tempted to pick it up.

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