Canon 110 ED and ISO 400 film?

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by paolo_avenir, Oct 9, 2007.

  1. Does anyone know if I can use an ISO400 film on my Canon 110 ED (not the 110 ED
    20)? The only 110 film available seems to be the Kodak 400.

    What would happen if I use ISO 400 film instead of 80?

    Also, where can I buy 110 film aside from B&H and Adorama?

    Many thanks!
  2. Hi Paolo;

    As far as I know, the ASA is detected automatically for 110 cartridges.However, it may depend on the camera. My 110ED 20 has no user-settable means to the change the ASA.

  3. The 110ED will overexpose the Kodak 400 by two stops, which is pretty harmless, and will reduce the grain.

    There are some sources of Fuji 200 film.

    You can get 110 film from Walgreen's, and they will send it to Kodak for processing as well. I think their supply is presently old stock Agfa film, 200 speed.
  4. Thanks. I hope it won't overexpose it that much. I want to keep the grainy feel.

    Although I've looked online at some pictures, would you be able to point me to some that were shot with the Canon 110 ED (not the 20) that used 400 film?

    Thanks for the Walgreens tip.

  5. You could try to hand hold a two stop neutral density filter over the lens...
  6. I read on the Frugal Photographer site that the current iso 400 110 film cartridges are actually iso 100 casings with 400 speed film in them. I then compared some current cartridges with old ones and found that they are indeed different. The edge tab needs an addtional cut-out to trigger the iso 400 setting on cameras that do have 400 capability (like the Trimlite 48). To up the iso setting you need to remove additional plastic with a knife.

    Walgreen's sells their house brand of 110 film (it is likely Ferrania, and the Safeway affiiates, Randall's etc sell Kodak 110 film, all in iso 400. I laid in a big supply of iso 200 Fuji from the Fruigal Photographer last year.

  7. Some Walmart stores also stock Kodak 110 film, ISO 400. I bought some a few weeks ago. One local store (in Westminster, MD) almost always has some at the beginning of the month while the next closest store never has it at all, so it pays to check around. Someone must be buying the stuff because it sells out fairly quickly.

    Walmart will also process 110. Just note what it is on the back of the envelope and they'll mail it out. It takes a week or so.
  8. Paolo,

    The Kodak 400 film really does work better with some overexposure. The canon 110's are very accurate with exposure, but bright skies do make for underexposure due to the electric eye's sensitivity. By using 400 speed film in your 110ED outside on bright days, you will find that you are probably only overexposing by about 1 stop. The results will be good, not grainy as you hope I am afraid.

  9. Thanks for the replies!

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