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  1. DONT CHARGE MY BANCK ACCOUNT! I never gave you permission to charge my account and if you do I’ll report as as a scam!!!!
  2. Sandy Vongries

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    If I understand correctly - been out most of the day, there was an "Outside PN Scam". You might check others' posts.
  3. When a scam like this occurs, it would be great if the site could post some sort of warning notice on key PN pages alerting membership to the scam, or send out an email to membership telling people to ignore it. Concerns have been pouring in all day and a swift global announcement that it's a scam might save a lot of people a lot of concern.
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  4. paul ron

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    other sites im on would put up a banner at the top of all its pages pined saying.... WARNING SCAM ALERT and it can be clicked on for further details till the problem has been resolved.
  5. Oddly enough there is a banner, but I only see it on pages that aren't frequented by many people. For instance, I've seen it when I've gone to the main site's POTW page, by clicking on the EXPLORE tab and hitting PHOTO OF THE WEEK. But I don't see it on any of the forum pages. So, it's not very helpful.
  6. PapaTango

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    The banner when posted (and they have done so a couple other times when situations happened) on the 'front end' of the site--and is there too short a period. It's possible to put a notice in to the top of all forums as well--but that's another separate admin routine. Sometimes emails have been sent.

    Of greater concern is how many times now there have been scam routines--and whether these are based on a single or multiple hacks of PN database.
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  7. Well...Allen looks like a fool now. i'd cancel his account simply for being so clueless.
  8. PapaTango

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    I'm still mulling over whom he believes he is going to report us to, and whatever they might do about it... :rolleyes:

    Let me consult my AARP newsletter pile in the bathroom--as it feels like a learning session is coming along. I seem to remember that a couple months ago they published "the ultimate guide" to stop scammers. Everything I ever need to know in a couple pages. And they said this innernutz thing was complicated! :)
  9. Well, if I believed that a website I was a member of was charging my credit card without my permission, I'd probably start by reporting them to the credit card company. If they determined it was fraud, they'd refund my money and I imagine they'd pursue some kind of legal action. If it were way more an egregious thing, I'm sure it could be escalated. Fraud is a thing and it can be dealt with.

    Now it turns out PN was not charging Allen's credit card but he didn't know that at the time he made the initial post here. It doesn't seem that unreasonable to me that someone who is a member of a website would receive a renewal notice claiming their credit card is about to be charged for renewal and want some answers.

    And I will note that your question about the number of hacks, not to mention what's being done about them, has not been addressed.

    In short, I think Allen is being given a hard time unfairly.
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