Camera Raw 9.8 problems

Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by rascal64, Jan 31, 2017.

  1. I am not sure if this is a color space, calibration or convertor issue.
    I just installed photoshop CC with camera raw 9.8. When I open the image in RAW, the image is unreadable.
    Mostly black with extreme vivid coloured highlights
    It is fine when I open it in CC, but I can't do any edits in RAW. The same is true whether opened as a NEF or a converted DNG.[​IMG]
    Can anyone help resolve this?
    Thanks in advance.
  2. Looks like the clipping indicators for highlight/shadow/color clipping is on. If you move say the Exposure slider with alt/option key held down, any difference or an update? The other thing could be a wonky display profile. Recalibrate and build a new one, make sure your software isn't set to build a Version 4 (V4) ICC profile.
  3. another slight possibility is a buggy display driver or using/not-using something like OpenGL features.
  4. Thank you Howard. And how would I address that issue?
  5. Thank you Andrew. The alt key/slider didn't do anything. How would I begin to address the other issues you mentioned? I did check color settings and I changed it to Adobe RGB as that is what I have used in the past.
    Nothing changed on RAW though.
  6. How would I begin to address the other issues you mentioned?​
    Recalibrate the display and before doing so, examine if the software has a preference for Version 4 ICC Profiles. DO NOT select that option.
  7. Sorry if this sounds ignorant Andrew, but where do I see the software preferences?
  8. Sorry if this sounds ignorant Andrew, but where do I see the software preferences?​
    Are you calibrating and profiling your display with some software product?
  9. I have no calibration software. I can change settings through windows, but not sure if that would help.
    I haven't been able to find help on the adobe community page either, so I came here.
    I appreciate the correspondence.
    Could it be a converter problem?
  10. If whatever display profile you have got corrupted, that's one possibility so try changing it in Windows but it's probably something else. Can you upload the raw? Do you have any other raw converters to try? Does this show up with all raws or only the one you've shown above?
  11. All raw images look like this. I have been using CS4 for years. The converter and camera raw worked fine. No problems at all. It is just this version that seems to be glitching.
  12. So this is the only raw converter you can test?
    I'd suggest you reset the ACR preferences within ACR, maybe even consider resetting Photoshop's:
    Press and hold Alt+Control+Shift (Windows) or Option+Command+Shift (Mac OS) immediately after launching Photoshop. You will be prompted to delete the current settings.
    (Mac OS only) Open the Preferences folder in the Library folder, and drag the Adobe Photoshop CS Settings folder to the Trash.
  13. Resolved!
    Andrew, I just got Adobe to access the computer remotely and it was so simple. Under the Camera Raw preferences, they unchecked the box for graphics processor (bottom of the attached image)
    Voila! Fixed! Thanks for your time, Andrew.

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