Camera Insurance while travelling?

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  1. Just looking for any help on travel insurance for camera gear.
    Can you get insurance for the time you are away or is it a yearly thing?
    Some info. on companies that are best suited for South Africa (if it makes a difference where you travel to?).
  2. I used to carry separate insurance on my camera/computer gear, but no longer. After a long talk with my insurance person, she advised that my homeowner's policy covered everything (less my deductable). I've only had one claim on camera gear. I had my truck broken into while parked just outside the gate of my local state park while I was in hiking. My high end point and shoot Canon was taken along with the photo backpack it was in, also a few filters. I had receipts for everything and was very satisfied with the results of the claim.
    I believe NANPA still has a separate policy available.
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    I can speak only for the UK. Here, if you use your camera professionally, you need a separate insurance policy as the all risks( away from home) section of a household or homeowners policy is unlikely to provide cover. If you're strictly amateur, then provided that you buy sufficient all risks cover for your equipment and whatever else you might take outside the home you can get cover under a homeowners policy though you'll need to read the policy carefully to ensure that the excess( deductable ) and individual item limits are in-line with your needs.
    If you vote for a separate policy, they tend to be annual. They also tend to be expensive and restrictive/ Given that the policies tend to be rather expensive you might infer that they offer good cover, but in my experience this isn't so, and these policies contain many caveats that remove the obligation to pay - make sure you can live with these. Also the combination od deductible and item limits tends to restrict the value of claims you can make. Just read the policies carefully so you don't get surprises later.
    You'll need to source the cover in your home market and ensure that it operates in the countries you plan to visit.
  4. While many rental/home owner policies cover cameras, if you have any higher end gear, you may need a rider.

    Some travel insurance will also cover your gear. While we thinking about our gear, it's also a good idea to remember the person holding it. Remember the odds are your medical insurance is worthless out of the country. The insurance isn't real cheap, about 10% the cost of the trip, however, it covers a lot of stuff including last minute cancellations.

    If you have any new gear, and bought it on a credit card, you may also have some coverage there too. My AMEX, even covers me for theft.

    There is also more on this subject at:

    As for me, I've been around the planet a few times, never bought travel insurance, however for the trip this fall, I did. Just a CYA thing.
  5. I frightened myself by totting up the amount of money we had tied up in camera gear. So we got an all-risk rider on our homeowner's insurance that covers the cameras and lenses. For travel, especially long distance, it's just smart to have medical evacuation insurance as a minimum. If the trip's expensive, it's also worth it to have cancellation insurance as well. On an Antarctic trip I was on, a passenger broke her leg and got a $10,000+ plane ride to Punta Arenas, Chile, and then home covered by her policy.
  6. Just make sure you read the 'fine print'. The insurance policy offered via this site for example has strict limitations. Your gear must have been stolen and there must be signs of a break in.
    Example - someone jimmies the lock on your car door and hits the button for the truck, stealing your gear - your not covered.
    Example - someone manages to get into your hotel room without breaking the door down, steals your camera gear - your not covered
    Example - you're on the street - someone steals your gear from you at gunpoint - your not covered.
    Makes you wonder what it's good for.
  7. I have a rider on my home policy. It covers all the situations that Tudor above mentions. It covers everything such theft, loss and damage caused by me. After having the rider for about 6 months, I dropped my camera bag in Seoul and busted up a lens. Insurance covered the repairs with no troubles.
  8. I'd start with whoever has your homeowner's policy. I have a rider to mine that covers all my camera equipment with a zero deductible, covers theft, accident, etc. Cost me about what a handful of memory cards would; certainly worth it just for peace of mind, not only when traveling but also here at home.
  9. You might want to look into some travel insurance that will cover specific items of lost to theft or etc.

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