C41 processing...A SUCCESS!

Discussion in 'Film and Processing' started by danny_liao, Dec 14, 2005.

  1. To all those who helped. A big THANKS!! I finally got the results
    I'm looking for. I was getting bad results from using those Tetenal
    and Arista C41 Kits. But now, using bleach and fix seperately instead
    of BLIX the results looks good. But now I have a slight issue. 1
    gallon of Kodak Dev will process 4 rolls of 220 Portra NC. The
    bottles in my fully automated Jobo processor is limited to 1000ml.
    And from my calculations, it takes 760ml to process one roll of 220
    Portra NC. Is there a way for me to get more chemicals into one run to
    process more rolls? Or am I totally doing it wrong? Or is this how
    it's suppose to be?
  2. Danny;

    My Jobo drum is clearly marked 3 rolls of 220 and 760 ml of solution.

    I thought I would have to do a bit of fussing around to get this figure, but it was on the drum and works out properly as I have done it.

    Ron Mowrey

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