bronica metered prism AEll - wrong readings

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by paul_clayton, Jun 13, 2006.

  1. I have a bronica metered prism AEll for my bronica etrs. Clumsy me dropped the
    prism the other day, and it now appears to be 1 stop out.


    Minolta dynax 7 gives reading of 1/2 sec @ f5.6 iso 100
    metered prism gives reading of 1sec @ f5.6 iso 100

    Could the bang have caused this? I only dropped it from sitting position.
    Otherwise is it feasable to get it repaired?


  2. SCL


    If you go to Tamron home page they give a list of Bronica service centers. You might contact one of them for an estimate.
  3. david_henderson


    Be careful in making this judgement. Did the two meters previously tend to agree?

    It could be that the style of metering might differ- for example and hypothetically the Bronica may be centre-weighted, the Minolta might be a form of matrix.

    Maybe they're measuring through lenses with a different angle of view?

    Just because two meters differ doesn't mean that one is wrong. You need to try some film on relatively plain subjects that are easily metered ( the Bronica meters are not very sophisticated).
  4. Following the idea in the previous post, use each meter to take a reading from a grey card under the same lighting conditions. Next try something else, matters not what, and see if the two sets of readings each have the same relative difference.
  5. silly me, did'nt realise that the battery in the Bronica was just about flat. Changed for a new one and everything is fine.

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